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elfen elfen

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Got 2 tickets to see the Swan Lake at Musikhuset in Aarhus when the Russian National Ballet vistis. Great dancers, great show, good experience! :D

TianaW TianaW

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 I live in a lovely apartment complex & the office workers are so incredibly kind. I ended up getting a last minute phone call from one of the women asking if I wanted to go see The Nutcracker because she was unable to go. She gave my daughter and I two tickets to see the show!  

meganrosenorris2015 meganrosenorris2015

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 Valentine's Day weekend TPAC Nashville, TN ATTITUDE!

hannah.rash.16 hannah.rash.16

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I saw the nutcracker as a young child.

levao97 levao97

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The Nutcracker, with Grandma Vonnie, Julie & Joe. Christmas 2014 :)


arikel_vampira arikel_vampira

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 It's like magic with dancing and music and beautiful people!

Kinga Kinga

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Dance, dance dance. So elegant..


catthekiwi catthekiwi

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 I saw the Russian Ballet perform Beriozka, at the teatro Muncipal, Antofagasta earlier in the year. They were amazing. 

workoutwithdi workoutwithdi

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 Swan Lake

sugarpop5571 sugarpop5571

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I have seen so many ballets and I think my fave is either Swan Lake or The Nutcracker. Some others are Sleeping Beauty and one other I cant name. They are beautiful dances and I am so lucky to be able to see one. This is a great goal and I hope you accomplish it! 

daphne.y.leijte daphne.y.leijte

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 I saw Swan Lake and it was beautiful! I saw it with my family.

mattegan30 mattegan30

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The Nutcracker with the family in 2013.  Hopefully an annual event!

MicheleK MicheleK

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When I was a little girl, I had an older relative who bought 6 tickets for various NYC ballets and then she would extend that invitation to myself and other friends. My 4 year old granddaughter just started taking ballet lessons, so I thought it was time to take her to her first professional ballet! 

meghan.benson.16 meghan.benson.16

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I went to see Shen Yun with my friend Dave Winn. It was pretty Neat.


Neele Neele

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Als Geburtstagsgeschenk von Anna und Elin wahren wir in der Volksoper und haben uns Carmina Burana, Nachmittag eines Fauns und Bolero angeschaut (die letzten beiden sind nur 15 min). Vor allem Bolero hat mir sehr gut gefallen, und ich überlege fast ob ich noch mal hingehe nur um Bolero zu sehen. Es war ein unerwartet sinnliches Erlebnis, und es hat mir wirklich sehr gut gefallen! 


kateflorian kateflorian

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Saw a stunning ballet performance in New York


JessicaPenny JessicaPenny

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I would like to see the production of "Romeo and Juliet" at the Royal Opera House in London, England next year.

Sweetorama Sweetorama

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The Swan lake

goobervillian goobervillian

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Christopher took me to see Cinderella at Butler. What an amazing gift!


sleepycat1993 sleepycat1993

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 sleeping beauty

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