SCUBA dive the Great Barrier Reef

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Pickles Pickles

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My first dive on the reef was in 1988, i did a resort dive which meant i had to hold hands with the instructor and we went down about 5 metres. It was still such a buzz. 

The next time I dove there was 2005 and at that time I had acquired my dive certificate so I was able to dive properly and enjoy the experience for myself. The reef itself is awesome. So beautiful



BennyEsparra BennyEsparra

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It was just like Finding Nemo but more thrilling in person.


Travis_Bonneteau Travis_Bonneteau

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 I first had to get my scuba license which I got in Cozumel Mexico through PADI. I traveled up the east coast of Australia in a van and finally got to go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef from Cannes. It was great, although sadly there was a lot of dead coral. I should have gone from Mission Beach where the coral is less visited.

dcmckenna dcmckenna

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I was lucky enough to visit this colourful place whilst it was still alive. Unfortunately it's now dying and not as colourful as it once was. A huge expanse of underwater beauty I remember.


Callandra Callandra

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One of my biggest fears since I was a small child was drowning, over my life I have almost drowned 5 times, yes 5 TIMES! Can you say accident prone! So you could imagine the utter terror that was knotting my chest and making me super aware of my bladders liquid gauge. After suiting up and running through the pre-dive safety instructions and also seeing 1/3 of the group pull out I was starting to think I should just fake a bout of gastro but the estress of people knowing I wussed out and the commitment I made to my bucketlist spurred me on and boy I'm glad it did.


After making our way painfully down (My ears have issues pressurizing - planes are a pain in the booty as you could imagine) we hit all the way down to the bottom of the reef, we swam through a cave (Shitting myself!) and found sharks and deep blue starfishes and of course plenty of coral. Suddenly the dive instructor stopped and way talking to us but I was somehow rising and couldn't stop, then I shot up super fast to the top - it was excruciating, the pain in my ears made my head feel like it was about to explode. When I finally reached the surface I was at least a kilometer away from the boat I had to swim across to the boat which is quite hard with all the scuba gear on, try to breathe with water coming in my throat with my heart pounding at the fear of being eaten by a massive bull shark. Well I finally made it back, practically falling in a heap onto the side of the boat. What a first dive experience!


amanda.malcolm.5 amanda.malcolm.5

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caroline.reed.92 caroline.reed.92

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I snorkelled and tried scuba diving...that counts right? Haha


gedwar22 gedwar22

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Exploring one of the most beautiful natural aspects of the world the Great Barrier Reef in far North Queensland opened my mind to the most incredible world that we as humans can only ever grasp a small understanding on. The vast beauty of the reef with its bountiful fish, coral, sharks, sea cucumbers, turtles and more was the most amazing vision I've seen and an experience I will do again and again. 


MelanieCollins2904 MelanieCollins2904

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Fun but not colorful


Bluedavey1 Bluedavey1

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miablee miablee

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its  dying 

Mirabella Mirabella

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It was amazing. It was really colorful and it was breathtaking to be that close. I saw nemo fish, seaturtles and so many other fish and plants. Being down there, it feels like a completly other world. I spend the whole day on the boat and besides the dive. I was also snorkeling a lot (seeing a shark, a seastar and a lot of other stuff) and driving in a glass bottom boat. This day was one of the best days and it was just truly amazing.


saraheliza193 saraheliza193

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 Became PADI scuba certified on the Great Barrier Reef.

tish_20 tish_20

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diana.dobbs diana.dobbs

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Windy day,, but so worth it 

sarahdoesthings sarahdoesthings

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I did this!! The reef itself was perhaps the most beautiful thing I have ever seen ic could stay there forever. The scuba diving itself was a surprisingly terrifying experience for me somehow. i was fine with skydiving and pretty much everyone else but I wasn't prepared for my brain to just go "YOU ARE UNDERWATER WHY ARE YOU BREATHING??" I got over that though and even though it took me sometime to get deep down because I had some issues with my ears I did. The instructor showed us a giant clam that was probably a meter long and we got to see some clownfish living in anemone. 

dbutzbach dbutzbach

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 The best diving of our lives!

tunerr35 tunerr35

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took a live aboard boat for 2 night and 3 days. dove 5 times a day with an awesome group of people. the night dive was the best with a full moon. got a lot of underwater pics and its nothing compared to seeing it yourself


GraceO GraceO

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 Amazing experience, to actually see the reef close up was once of the best things I've done 

nfren5 nfren5

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Beautiful and an unforgettable experience. I would recommend doing it ASAP since sadly the reef is dying and almost 100% dead. 


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