Ride on the back of a motorcycle

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Pickles Pickles

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 The first time I was ever on a motorcycle and also the first time with 3 on a bike. I was travelling around Indonesia with a few mates, and one of the guys hired a motorbike and we used it to get around Kuta. The photo reminds me of some fun times. Im the one on the back, no shoes...no helmet....no brains!!!!

elfen elfen

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 Did this in Athens. My friend and I road to Acropolis with 2 strangers.

patriciahoffman patriciahoffman

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16 yo. On vacation. Drunk.

It was cool, but dangerous.


timmonshayley timmonshayley

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 I rode on the back of Lamar's motorcycle. 

eklerxd eklerxd

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 Did that in 2013 with my boy :)

ray37ray38 ray37ray38

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It all started at a young age with my adopted father, then later I got my motorcycle. Taught several friends of mine to ride, so yes, I was on the back of a motorcycle.

canavanrl canavanrl

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 After jumping out of a plane in the middle of nowhere, my friend and I needed to get to the nearest town to catch a bus back to the camp we were working at... so we caught a ride with two bikers leaving the skydiving centre!! That 60 mile adventure is defo something I will never forget ...even have an exhaust scar to remind me haha!

byanka0923 byanka0923

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so exciting and an adrenaline rush

lolita.adames lolita.adames

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 ACCOMPLISHED on April 18, 2012

eternaljitters eternaljitters

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 My daddy taught me. 

SaraDem SaraDem

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There are times when I fall asleep, ON THE BACK OF A MOTORCYCLE! Still can't believe it, I don't even notice fallen asleep.

jissel jissel

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Ride with my friends


Juve Juve

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Did it a few times already now, and it's soo cool! Although when fast riding the helmet is pretty annoying, but hey, on the pikipiki in Kenya you don't have to wear it, haha

lindsay1 lindsay1

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 So my husband and I were on a school trip to Southeast Asia during the second year of graduate school.  We decided to rent a motorcycle that seemed more like a moped, in Vientienne, Laos.  Shortly after beginning our adventure, my husband thought it would be a great idea if he tried out the horn.  Bad idea.  The horn apparently "got stuck" and would not. stop. blaring.   Many locals were holding their ears or shooing us to go away.    If anyone deserved the medal for loud American tourists...it was us!  And my husband couldn't make it stop.  After about 10 minutes of constant horn blaring and the loss of 10% of our hearing, some kind Laotian offered to help and fixed our horn so we could be on our way.  

My advice is test the horn before embarking!  

On a side note, Vientienne is a pretty amazing city.  As a former French colony, there were lots of french restaurants and even a mini Arc de Triomph.  It was really interesting to see two completely contrasting cultures (european french and asian) collide!  

brijerydoo brijerydoo

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 I rode with my dad from Cape Town to Jeffery's Bay in South Africa. We did almost 900km in one day! My butt was aching!

britmondor15 britmondor15

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 It was fun but not very exciting. 

karenteles1 karenteles1

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Foi em barcelona

FireFay FireFay

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Incredibly amazing. Feels like freedom, feels like home. Nothing like it <3 Can't wait to get my own. 


LadyLynn LadyLynn

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I went to visit some family in Florida and my uncle got a new motorcycle. He took me out for  a ride around the neighborhood. 

apec8616 apec8616

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I was staying at my friends house for part of the summer (she lived out of town) and we went to meet up with some of her friends. One of them had a motorcycle and asked me if I wanted a ride. How could I turn him down? It was such a rush to be on that thing... now to drive one!


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