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Smiz Smiz

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Not a fan of trains lol. Always seems packed and never any seats.  

confusering confusering

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 New Haven -> Grand Central Terminal

PuddingStaahs PuddingStaahs

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Here is the inside of the train station for our train trip from Los Angeles to Orange County

Hollowlife6 Hollowlife6

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My mom and I took my 2 year old son on his first train ride since he's been obsessed with them lately. It was a beautiful ride.

Shawn-bon Shawn-bon

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Always wanted to ride on a train. My grandma, Uncle and I took the Amtrak from Barstow, CA to La Junta, CO. Not the most comfortable ride and probably will never do it again but it was a fun experience. Also beautiful views of Arizona and New Mexico on the way.

scott.bahantka scott.bahantka

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 April & I rode the Tioga Central RR for a scenic trip.  Leaves hadn't changed color yet.  I used the train for transportation in England and also rode the NYC subway.

ZoZo ZoZo

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 I had a great day out with my cousins on the steam train

MikaShennon MikaShennon

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This was so fun! I've done it twice now, but my first time was by far the best, I squealled whenever the whistle blew and called it "the choo-choo noise" at one point, which made my aunt laugh. Yay for Amtraks!

William_A_Wilson William_A_Wilson

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Visiting my Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins in Nova Scotia.

Skyballah Skyballah

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I was in Connecticut and missed my flight home in Hartford. The next flight home was out of Boston and I took a train from New London to Boston then two subways and a tram to the airport. It was definitely out of the norm but it was fun. I got to the airport and actually found someone I knew!

mickeyk6 mickeyk6

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I rode my first train in Chicago - the Metra. I went from 51st/53rd Street (Hyde Park) to the McCormick center for the Society of Biblical Literature/American Academy of Religion conference. It was a really wonderful weekend. I rode the train many times to and from these (and other locations), on a great deal of a $7 weekend pass!

SophieBurdon28 SophieBurdon28

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Went to London, Edinburgh....

busc147 busc147

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Preferably somewhere with mountains

brendilla15 brendilla15

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Traveled around Europe

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