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jennifer.h.miller.1422 jennifer.h.miller.1422

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 Celebrating life on my birthday with my sons on a gondola! 

shacker shacker

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I've ridden many of them, both at ski resorts and on "dry" land. One of the most memorable was the gondola in Palm Springs, rising up to the mountains above.


nannuuhh nannuuhh

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I rode a Gondola in Venice when I went to Europe.  It was pretty cool.  I thought the long stick the guy was holding was a paddle, but it was really just a long stick! He was pushing off the ground because the water level is shallow. It wasn't a really big deal, but its cool to say I did it!  And I didn't ride the one in Vegas.

jasmineisabelle7 jasmineisabelle7

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Sea World with my boyfriend- Edward, he gave me a giant stuffed dolphin afterwards. It was during sunset, so romatic. Couldn't have been more perfect! 

story_of_being story_of_being

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 I did that when I went skiing in Austria with my best friend and her parents. 

vsmiles vsmiles

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Ski lifts in Colorado. So fun.

mattparsons123 mattparsons123

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Skiing in Utah


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