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lisa.shanahan lisa.shanahan

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While traveling to England for business, I had the opportunity to spend a day in London, so we took a double decker bus tour. It was incredible. 

hellerzilla hellerzilla

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Sure, it wasn't England's double decker bus but was it fun? Heck yes! I didn't even know Las Vegas had double decker buses!

However I must say, they certainly aren't very pretty. The ugly brown is tear-streaking. And inside is very crowded. What's odd enough, is that no one sits upstairs??? Only tourist? Strange! 

Overall, the experience was not great seeing that the driver was continously swerving and braking near the middle of the street. I pray Britians Double Decker's are worth the ride! 

DarcyDavies98 DarcyDavies98

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As I live in the UK, more double decker buses are becoming more and more popular with Arriva introducing double decker buses for many routes as this means more people are able to use the buses when they're getting full to prevent more buses having to be added to the routes which would cause more pollution. I'm aware that there are more double decker buses in London although even though I live in the UK,  I've never actually been to London so the only time I've really been on a double decker bus in Chester which is an open top bus for sightseeing which I did when I was younger with my Grandma and the new Arriva double decker buses in my hometown.

planguage.language21 planguage.language21

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Riding on a double-decker tour bus is just so, touristy!!!   However, I got some of the best photos of Paris when I was on my recent trip there.  The tour was designed as a hop on and off, so when you got to a point of interest you could get off and explore.  It is one way to see all of the city in a day or two, then decide where you want to spend more time.


Lauraprice1902 Lauraprice1902

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Oh all the time!

Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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London, 2001

linda.maree.ayles linda.maree.ayles

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We rode on a red double decker bus in London to see the sights!!

KieliAnne KieliAnne

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Toured around London, England with my Grandmother on a double decker bus. She decided to stay below while I sat on top in order to get better pictures.

cupcakeninja cupcakeninja

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New York , 2013


jayde.dinsdale.5 jayde.dinsdale.5

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My prom car

LizzieD. LizzieD.

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London again. Tho, and my dream came true. :P

Summer 2015


jimwoodiii jimwoodiii

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When the Tube was under construction, we ended up taking the night buses. 

xMargot xMargot

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On a rainy day in Brussels, 2013


Gino Gino

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Victora, BC 2010

sapphirescimitar sapphirescimitar

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Megabus!!! Christiansburg, VA to Knoxville, TN and back. Mostly slept; it was rather comfy for a bus.



marie.b.becker.1 marie.b.becker.1

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My dad was a busdriver during my childhood and I got to ride in The Arks amazing tour bus (double decker) called moonlight! (if i remember corectly) 

I was ofcourse amazed by this as I was probably 8 or 9 y/o! :)

courtneymachelle7 courtneymachelle7

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Chicago, Summer of 2012

MsCambridgeMay2003 MsCambridgeMay2003

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I rode the top 

whyaminotasian whyaminotasian

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It felt like I was going to fall off the bus and onto the street.

Mary8979 Mary8979

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Did it in New York


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