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bluenwild bluenwild

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I went with 10 of my fellow students - none of us had played before. The first game we lost with a score of -15 xD, my personal scare was like 68, sencond best in my team, but I hated it, I felt too stupid for this game. The second game was better, we were distributed to two other teams and used the lessons we learned in the first game: get moving quickly, take cover whenever possible, teaser close to your chest and do not cluster in groups. The second game was way more fun, my team even won and I had the third best score, but I still prefer paintballing. I do not like the dark too much, I'd rather see what's going on. ;) It was worth the visit!

GuttersnipeRebecca GuttersnipeRebecca

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 Had a lot of fun $30 for 2 games and a pizza with drinks

all for 6 people so the whole family got to enjoy for cheap on Thursdays


zeronicyber zeronicyber

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 Friends n family outing 

warrior_mik warrior_mik

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With co-worker we have been in fun park. And had a chance to play laser tag. We did it. And was amazing. The place with fog and gun with visible laser shoot.

Enza Enza

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When will be the next one? :)

JessicaElizabeth JessicaElizabeth

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 This is a lot of fun, but tough on your legs because you end up crouching a lot! I was so tired after. I can't wait to try this out again!

shamou44 shamou44

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Sounds great and funny!

Edit 31/03/17 : Done ! Had a blast to play it ! 

DarcyDavies98 DarcyDavies98

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My first game of laser tag happened in America when I travelled there for a month with my best friend to stay with her dads side of the family.  We played laser tag in Funplex which was pretty good although I was so easy to spot due to wearing a black and white stripey playsuit which glowed in the dark due to the white material. I didn't win but I came second on the leaderboard with a good amount of points which could be mainly due to the fact the majority of people we were against were younger children although haha. It was a great game though and we played it a couple more times throughout the day. I would definitely do lasertag again as it was pretty fun and low cost and I would definitely recommend giving it a go. 

mper0630 mper0630

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 it seems fun and exciting to do with friends

Katha-rina Katha-rina

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Sooo much fun


lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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 A couple of years ago, my two best friends & I used to always go to Strike Bowling Bar where there was bowling, arcade games, karaoke, pool tables and laser tag. It's no fun when it's just three people, so whenever we see a chance that another group of people want to play we always pounce on the chance to ask them to join.It is so much fun! This one was a small, but I always scream when someone comes out of nowhere

petraxhorvath petraxhorvath

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It was really fun! I did it with my old friends and the lights hurt my head but all in all it was a good experience. 

TheShaikhAble TheShaikhAble

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It was great destroying little kids


mystique mystique

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Spontaneous trip to a laser tagging game arena, awesome fun with other kids ;) 

PrincessAuroraGIRL PrincessAuroraGIRL

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 It was fun 

I am very competitve and I shot alot of people [email protected]

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Played laser tag with my best friend. It was so much fun.

Axeman Axeman

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 Fun 2 story one in Oregon

mlopez mlopez

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VampGirl1223 VampGirl1223

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Paridse Island

bbsmc430 bbsmc430

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My kids have been asking me to take them forever so we finally went.

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