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j.nagtalon j.nagtalon

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 I also fed them [email protected]

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Third Happiest Day of my Life (so Far) 

17036 17036

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It was an amazing experience and we got to take a penguin painting home to be reminded of it everyday :) [email protected]

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The pinguin was very angry and bit in my finger :-)


jmr615 jmr615

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Went to Mystic Aquarium for the penguin encounter. was able to pet 'Yellow Blue' and listen to it's heart with a stethoscope. 

M_Murphy829 M_Murphy829

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As part of Brandy's bachlorette party we went to the Newport Aquarium and Brandy surprised us with a "Pet A Penguin Experience". To say I was excited is a pretty big understatement. There were about 7 penguins in the rooms and they were very short and very cute. They have fur on their backs that was short and slick. Like a short-haired dog. They like fast movements because they look like fish darting around, so flies are very distracting to them. There was one sassy penguin with a pink band on it's arm and she was fun to watch but not touch... she was a bitter. Overall it was a great experience with some great friends and I can finally say that I have pet a penguin!!!

Deichu Deichu

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sarah1777 sarah1777

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Cutest little buggers ever. Very inquisitive creatures that like to nibble on everything.



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 The New England Aquarium allowed me to shadow their penguin staff for the day.  I will never forget the experience of feeding the penguins and getting the close up experience to hang out with them all day.  That was one of the most memorable school projects ever.

guycc guycc

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Completed this goal in 2011.  At the Sea World booth at the Mascot Convention in Mandalay Bay.

stephanieyuhas stephanieyuhas

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Lauren works for Adventure Aquarium. She is also awesome and lets me pet things.

kgirl26 kgirl26

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It was South American, at Sea World with Adam

hlallen2 hlallen2

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Sea World!

kimberlyelease kimberlyelease

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Penguins are my favorite animal. I loved petting the penguin it was amazing! I never thought that I would get a chance to do this and I did! I will never forget it!

SydneyA23 SydneyA23

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one bit my butt

got to pet babies too

fed them

sea world


leepais leepais

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In the Dubai Ice World. It was a staged environment but such a fun time and such adorable penguins. I made nice new human friends too =D my first solo holiday!


rebecca.earles3 rebecca.earles3

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Smelly but cute .


Art13Rose Art13Rose

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 Busch Gardens Christmas Town

winchesterroadtrip winchesterroadtrip

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Penguin rescue center for my 9th birthday- it was so much fun.... until one of them pooped on my shoe.


ajclosson ajclosson

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 2015.   Petted a peguin at GETCA

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