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enache_valentina2000 enache_valentina2000

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The view was amazing! I loved :)  

Gr8wallzofchyna Gr8wallzofchyna

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jlovematt jlovematt

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 I am terrified of heights and the ocean. But, this was the most serene and exciting thing I have ever done! It was beautiful!!

1kathull 1kathull

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What an amazing experience and I got to share it with my sister and niece .. 

vmroberts vmroberts

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 So much fun! With Rebeca Santiago and Kin Russell.

Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Went in Cocoa Beach, FLA with my mom and brother. It was one of my mom's bucketlist goals - awesome to be a part of it!

claudiamccabe13 claudiamccabe13

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Parasailing was one of the most exciting experiences of my whole life. I was hundreds of feet above the ocean attached to a boat by a string and it was crazy. I could see dolphins and stingray and many other fish below me and it was quite exhilirating.


Blondieee721 Blondieee721

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Best thing I did on my 20th birthday at the beach! 

Su Eah Su Eah

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I have an extremely excited feeling to play this parasailing activity due to Im personally like water sport activity. And the view flying up to the sky was amazing. At the sky I saw jellyfish "swimming" at the ocean. The ocean colour and the wind really can cure your stress and moody mood away easily.

JoelleS JoelleS

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cupcakelove6 cupcakelove6

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Was seasick on the boat waiting to go up, it was a rough day in the water. The view was beautiful and i was up with my lovely boyfriend. Vacation in Cabo 2012

quillsmadelaine quillsmadelaine

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On 8/20/2012 in San Diego, CA I went parasailing for 10 glorious minutes with a great friend in tandem. The initial few minutes of preparation prior to taking off brought a mix of terror, adrenaline, and excitement. Since we were told we could let go of the straps once air bound, I did...and in doing so, leaned backwards almost flipping over! My girlfriend and I proceeded to take in the SD coastline from 250 feet in the air singing, dancing, laughing, and peering straight down into the ocean...what a rush!! When the driver had us low enough to dip our feet, my girlfriend squealed with delight as I attempted to stretch my short legs, even pointing my toes...yet the ocean alluded me. So close yet so far matter, I found the joy and freedom of embracing my fear of heights.

ihrttrvl ihrttrvl

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Hawaii - parasailing with my dad :)! not very thrilling, just a calm sail through the sky 

CorrylKemp CorrylKemp

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In Catalina! We saw a turtle with it's baby :)

ppari24 ppari24

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In our recent trip to Florida - Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Key west.. we managed to do parasailing in Keywest.. along with traveling a scooter.

It was soo cool and amazing. The winds were perfectly cool, while the sun shined bright. It was the best time I could've had... m sure good times are only starting. :)


cwinsemann cwinsemann

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The Outerbanks of North Carolina! (2012)

maryanneanora maryanneanora

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2009. Mexico. Nice, was a little too tame for me...

bobpalen bobpalen

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missripley missripley

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SilverSparrow04 SilverSparrow04

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I did this with my former dormmate over spring break once. It was so fun, we laughed through the whole thing, I definitely recommend everyone try it at least once.

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