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bookgeek10 bookgeek10

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I was in Idaho to visit a pair of friends. They have a big area of wild land on their property- trees and boulders like a mini forest, with deer and all kinds of animals. We saw a dead fox. Natalie and Charlotte, their little sister, and I played capture-the-flag out there twice in the week I was visiting. First I was on Charlotte's team, against Natalie and Emma, and we won! Next I played with Natalie and we won, too. It was so fun, and I only got skimmed by a paintball, resulting in a weak bruise. Poor Natalie was shot by me in the first game and earned two large welts. Next game Emma got hit twice. So fun, though! 


Tinkerbell1308 Tinkerbell1308

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 I enjoyed this but the place could of been much better. They were so strict on what you could and couldn't do that it wasn't that fun. A bit of research on a killer place to play and I'm there

lulu8292 lulu8292

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it was so much fun!!! some psycho shot me point blank in the chest it hurt a lot even though we had protection. but if I was to do it again I would.

lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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 I organized a surprise Paint balling treat birthday  for my friend & her boyfriend because they were only born a day apart. It was a lot of fun, but this place wasn't real paintballs. They were like little pellet balls with paint oil, they stung so much. I really wanted to go to a place where the paint actually splats all over you.

EllenB EllenB

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It was fun! Until I got hit in the head, I walked around with u huge bump for a week.

enrai enrai

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This was done back in 2007 for the first time when me and some classmates from high school signed up for a local paintball tournament with the prize (an ipod or iphone for each winning member). Sadly we finished on second place due to a selfish classmate.

nomnomsparklesparkle nomnomsparklesparkle

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Really fun but hot with all the layers in the summer heat!

ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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i have gone paintballing many times! I went to a camp that had it for 2 years and plus I had my own gun at one point in time.

jacinta.kaesler jacinta.kaesler

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You know what, this was a good experience, but awfully painful, definetly something i wouldn't want to do on a regular basis. A lot different to how I pictured in '10 things i hate about you' but then the guns were pretty awesome, i felt like i was in the army. Still, like i said, painfull, and if it hits you in the rights places, you can get some really sick bruises. 


aominaa aominaa

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I bled, and my head felt dizzy.

Gino Gino

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Took boys for paintball 

tabbithron tabbithron

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Summer 2010. KECY.

Mami Mami

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Need to kick some a** with paint! seems fun :)

DONE! With Marième, Aissa, Sally, Ousmane, Serigne and Zeina :D Amazing day, we kicked some ass, got our asses kicked and had a blast!

cactusnfire cactusnfire

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did tagball. Ouch. *Spring 2011*

martynarcher01 martynarcher01

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Done it - didn't really like it - not much skill involved

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