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helen.smith.92775838 helen.smith.92775838

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 Bought a house which feels amazing.

wontbudge wontbudge

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Club Budge - Quakers Hill......owned circa 2012

mvernooy mvernooy

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Bought our own house


josevillalpando262 josevillalpando262

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To have a 2 story house thats fully paid off

0blivion 0blivion

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Bought this beauty. WIll take some work, but well worth it. 

scroy8 scroy8

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It was great, until the housing crash at least.

fabin64 fabin64

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 Check en mi plan de Vída 

Rag_Wesjuh Rag_Wesjuh

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Bought my own place back in 2009. Huisje boompje beestje :)

JCarlosSegura1 JCarlosSegura1

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 To have your own house is more wonderful than expected. You have now an empty space to do whatever you want.  A garden, paint your walls,  place the numbers  of your house.. but cleaning and doing those stuffs.. haha.. pff.. too much to do. But is worth it.  =D

isadub6 isadub6

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Wie bought our first house in September 8th 2015

Melodz Melodz

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Have got one, but still paying mortgage ; )

Tinatot Tinatot

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July 2008!

rek914 rek914

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July 12th, 2013

lasara77 lasara77

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Finally made this happen back in sept 2012.

jujubz826 jujubz826

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Bought my childhood home

lruiz lruiz

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Bought our first house August 24, 2012 in Cedar Rapids, IA

jessaka.clark.9 jessaka.clark.9

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My hubby and I purchased our first house in June of 2014 :) It has been amazing to establish our home together :) 


lazyhiker lazyhiker

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 I used to drive to this neighborhood, dreaming of owning a house here - next to the forest, at the foothill of the mountains, with views of the whole city and on a clear day, the views go all the way to the ocean.  It's not the best house, but it's MY house. I love it here, the kids love it here, they've never lived anywhere else.  I'm so grateful that God  blessed us so much.

darkraven797 darkraven797

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Finally got my own house! Did the closing on october 28th, 2013.  The properly cost a little over $150k, but what really makes this place great is that it's in a nice little neighborhood and it's still right by my hometown.  I couldn't be happier with what I've found and the people who owned it before me took such great care of this place.  It originally went up for sale in 2010 as a foreclosure and was a complete disaster and has been rebuilt from the ground up by the couple over the past 3 years.  Great job to them and I'll continue to follow in their footsteps and take care of this place to the best of my abilities.

C.g.genova C.g.genova

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 This has been a dream of mine since I started college. I am so happy to have this accomplished.

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