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laura.samvelyan laura.samvelyan

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 Although I met the President of a small unrecognized country of Nagorno Kharabakh - it still counts. I met the president peacefully wondering around the church.

aitaylor2 aitaylor2

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     I went to UW- La Crosse at the time.  My roommate and some of our friends decided to camp out on the corner where the rally was going to be held.  There were a few other groups, but we were the second ones to set up camp there.  The hotel across the street was great, they gave us some blankets and let us sleep in the ballroom.

     Barack Obama spoke late that morning.  He even mentioned the campers in his speech!  I was front row, dead center; lucky for me I'm so short.  I took lots of pictures, most of them looking like this:[email protected]/6314000349/

     After his speech, he came around and shook hands with people.  When he got to my side, I was afraid he was going to skip me, but then he shook my hand and it was cool.  Then he said, "Aw, you guys get hugs." And so I was hugged by Barack Obama.  A truely historical moment for me indeed.  I kind of freaked out and screamed "We love you so much!" in his ear, then the security guys ripped my arms off of him, which shocked me. But I think they were just in a time crunch.

     In this picture from the NY Times website you can see me!  I'm right underneath his hands in the brown hood.[email protected]/6314519070/






ebb412 ebb412

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I met President Obama in May 2009 when he spoke at my college graduation. Handshake, photo op, 2-minute conversation.

meg0an meg0an

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Bill Clinton

darshbob11 darshbob11

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Prof. Abdul Kalam!


Robdz15 Robdz15

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I met Obama when I was in college at the North Dakota Democratic Convention. He was running against Hillary and I was able to be on stage during his speech. He shook my hand as he left the stage. It was sweet!

CABM0604 CABM0604

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George W. Bush


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