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dannielaramos dannielaramos

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I lived in London earlier this year, for three months. I didn't have a lot of money and couldn't afford an expensive appartment so what I did was, I Couch Surfed the entire time! It was a wonderful experience because it enabled me to meet locals and experience many things I woulnd't have if I had just been a tourist.


thenephilim thenephilim

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I lived in London from 1999-2004.

morgana_vitale morgana_vitale

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It was the most beautiful and amazing experience I've ever did. I was an aupair last year for three month and a half and except for the family where I stayed it was an unforgettable experience. I met so many people, went to college, explore the city, including some unusual spots! ūüėČ


daniel.gini daniel.gini

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 I want to live in a European city to allow myself to travel around Europe at low cost.

Done: London.

twinklystaryanna twinklystaryanna

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I always fancied trying out living in London and I took up a job there in 2006, it was great fun and lived there for 3 years.

ashleighwarfield ashleighwarfield

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Today marks the end of my 2 year working visa in London - what an amazing experience it is to live on the other side of the world and meet so many wonderful people!

meltingchains meltingchains

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I have always dreamed of living in all zones in London like a geek

So far I have managed Zones 6 - 2 :)

vinnyp9 vinnyp9

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3 years at university living in London.


Jojoporter Jojoporter

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44 Delaford Street




stepherson stepherson

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Living here and loving it. No plans to move on for now


asilver427 asilver427

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 London, Ontario, Canada

Holly98 Holly98

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I have my whole life

JoanaMary JoanaMary

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home is where your heart is <3 lived there for 6 months and I had an amazing time there.[email protected]/3556994733/in/photostream

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