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emily.trieu emily.trieu

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Paris, France (42 Rue Montorgueil)

ashleen.minaguchi ashleen.minaguchi

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Moved to Switzerland, on my own, not a word of French in my little head to work in a University over there. Loved it so much and was gutted coming home but all good things come to an end. Freom concerts & hiking to chocolate factories & mojitos it was a brilliant experience. Love to go back at some point.  

noradrenalin noradrenalin

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I moved to Norway on my own in december 2012, I got a job and I still live and work here :) 

SkittenPFC SkittenPFC

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Currently living in Tenerife, Spain.


margauxschaerer margauxschaerer

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My Aupair year in Boulder


mustaphanabeel26 mustaphanabeel26

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 I never have been out of my hometown before so to go out and live in a different and strange country was something huge but it was the best thing that i have done in my life

lanlawmaza lanlawmaza

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Lived in annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada, for a year, attended 10th grade in annapolis West Education Center :) Had the time of my life and made lifetime friends 


Linnedt Linnedt

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Been living in the US for like 2 months now, and its aweesoomee 

mariia.ohir mariia.ohir

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Так и получилось!.. Ларнака - однозначно мой фаворит! Вместе с тем аутэнтичным рестораном с видом на средиземное море, картинами ручной работы и хазяйкой, которая поддерживает семейный бизнес и обслуживает своих же посетителей) Никосия с местным дядечкой-пенсионером, который провел мне не одну экскурсию в старом городе. И многое другое в стране, где я провела лучшее время в моей жизни, хоть и длилось это сравнительно недолго)...

lati lati

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RunAwaySav RunAwaySav

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Have lived on 3 different continents! 

Melbourne, Australia Barcelona, Spain Arequipa, Peru 

ikaankeskin ikaankeskin

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AIESEC Internship'!

Mikachu Mikachu

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I spent a year abroad in the small, quaint and beautiful town of Heidelberg, Germany. Was one of the best years of my life.

bucketmaster bucketmaster

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Went to Costa Rica in 2016 for eco-tourism! I hope to come back! 

lhingan lhingan

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Live in Another Country, is this something I've done before but it only lasts for a month. 

Though I've been to China a several time, this time was different. 

Talking about this I'd have to try to use my brain so much to remember what I've done but.. well. It's all started when I was in the break of grade 5 to 6,  my father wanted me to know Chinese since we're Chinese family but I can't speak Chinese, can't read or write but hey, I can understand what you Chinese are saying. Although I can understand Chinese but the skill wasn't enough. So he decided to send me and my brother, Vichakorn to China and we'll to stay there for a month! 

Things that came to my head at that moment was. 

  1. The bahtrooms are rough, how am I gonna survive? 
  2. I'm leaving on 1st July but hey! 4th July is my birthday. Dont I get to celebrate?
  3. Living apart from your family at very young age is .. scary. 
  4. I was only 11 years old! I can't travel alone.
  5. My brother was 10.. 
  6. I can't cook.

And alot more list of things that gonna be struggled me. 

Things started to get fun when I stepped on China airport it was.. WTF There's no one I can communicate with and I only know English and Thai at that time. My english was bad too so the only language I'm fluent is Thai and it's hard living in the country where they speak completely different from what you know. My aunt came to pick up us and drop us in the condo where there's a security guard and all those password thing but .. the password was 8888, 4 numbers according to what building you're in :-l but the surroundings was so good, the park was near, the malls are also near, the basketball court and the skateboard place too so actually that break for me was just me doing all the excercise. I don't really get to practice Chinese that much because my dad hired a babysitter to take care of me and my brother. She was so good but I forgot her name, it was something I teased her all the time. Lol. She took us to the amusement park, to the beach, to the malls, or even the historical places. It was so fun but yeah, she could speak english so the only language I get to practice was English lol. A great news is I came home fit, I lose weights, I get muscles and even abs hahaha but yeah it's all gone when you're home. :-l 

My brother and I, we get closed. At first, I cried every night before I could sleep, my brother was the only one to comfort me even when I'm 1 year and 11 months older than him lol. We prayed together, we cooked together even he did the apple juice for me even though the kitchen turned out to be a completely mess. It was hell of the experiences I have. And this is where I learn to put family as your number one. Even though today.. 16/02/2015 I tried to recall the memory with Ed Sheeran's songs, my brother already passed away at the age of 15 when he passed due to leukemia. Cancer is a bitch belive me. 

In Loving Memory; Vichakorn Manitviroon 10th July, 2013. 

Stevy Stevy

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 With London it was love at first sight! I lived in central London for three amazing years:) You simply cannot get bored in such a city!

vildefs vildefs

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 Lived in the States for 9 months, when I was 17. I was an exchange student, living at a dorm school in Missouri. That year changed my life! Learned so much about other cultures (it was an international school), and got friends from all over the globe. 

Ingevanderwal Ingevanderwal

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 I think living and studying in Qatar for 10 weeks also counts, right? :) 

suhani.aryal suhani.aryal

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3 success stories


Ianroberts66 Ianroberts66

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Had a year at university in Massachusetts. Go UMass 2004-5. An incredible year. The view from my room 318 Kennedy.

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