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elfen elfen

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 the piano. I've played since I was 9 (and until I was 15 - then took it up again and played for a year when I was 20, but then I went travelling and moved away from home). 

sguthreau sguthreau

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 I learned to play trombone as a kid. But I really took off in high school. I ended up making 1st chair. I was in honors music, played in pit band for the play twice and also played bass trombone for jazz band. 

JessicaElizabeth JessicaElizabeth

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I had played the cello for 7-8 years, and became very good at it. The county I live in gave me an 110 year old cello to play in their orchestra, which I loved doing. I returned the cello to them at the end of last year for the next student to enjoy. My final swan song was the Indiana Jones theme, which we performed with other brass and woodwind bands in front of an audience.

Although it can take a while, learning to play is so worthwhile; when you get the level of skill of being able to play without too much concentrating, you can listen to yourself making an otherwise inanimate object sing. I always loved those moments. 


Irisher Irisher

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I don't want to take for granted the things I've already done. I can play the trumpet and I think that's pretty special.

brianna23 brianna23

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HillSighed HillSighed

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Played the Violin for 3 years in an orchestra and Quartet.

emilycarlton emilycarlton

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Guitar, mandolin, piano, flute/whistle or bodhran.


I chose mandolin! I'm not very good, but I can play a lot of basic songs.

kellyoldham kellyoldham

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Well, I took guitar lessons for 6 months. I can honestly say I'm not a natural - it was fun to learn something new though. :D

johnnycakeslover johnnycakeslover

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When I was young and my school pand performed at school i thought the sound was hideous. A bunch of machines clashing together making the most awful noise ever. But when I got into Grade 7 and we had to play an instrument for music class I started playing a clarinet. It was the best instrument I've ever played and I love our band class!


imhyself imhyself

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completely dominate an intrument(:

brittnic45 brittnic45

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I played the Flute throughout School. I also learned to play the Oboe.

appleandlime appleandlime

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hey_its_kay hey_its_kay

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The flute!

Nadineconlon Nadineconlon

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I can play the keyboard and guitar :) I'm no Bach but I can play them :D

Milica Milica

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I learned to play piano and harmonica.

twilightseven twilightseven

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I first learned how to play the piano and then learned how to play the trumpet when I was a kid.  I don't remember the exact years, but I'm guessing as best as I can about when I took both. Piano came first, trumpet came second.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3141346720/in/photolist-5MAdWm-4CygdF-7vRvTH-6ogq3d-4ZFqrQ-8ZbprZ-bj4zsv-a4VZJT-4WB9bk-6zRXsz-dRTbqF-dhBcc-9g7yr-9eSFxp-FsTU7-7MRthP-sp7J1-du8C7-4KVmoE-buSAkG-2i2zd-6c2Spn-8P5xy9-7JMi4S-7JPzTs-jo1E5-4C8DRh-9J7cw-aoghFn-38dpjC-5pczs3-8xV7A-7TWfWp-8ZCccP-5Exny-4J8BqA-4bu1pE-LE7Vo-noxHm-7w3i3C-22Jz3x-3bkdHs-5Xf2Gx-n57S-9hy6qh-dBLu5w-5x74f-e4DV-64ozFt-8vgSEz-bqMCLw

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3679786457/in/photolist-6BaSj6-cxMgCs-793XyY-6oQ2wj-asT6K-3inmSW-6WtgzT-twCLZ-gaDbo-35M686-Jj8HK-8xRwrf-8xHqb-7hhjkx-6y4xA-7eA5ow-4NqrGn-8ETJ76-mF4Kn-91rZUH-3mE3N-M4NGc-niWbo-mF4Mt-dWfep-6tzZi8-89g2ya-7T3JhA-3gAS5-4SLUr8-fdKo1m-bYdNHC-5PCQhK-9knxHu-3bUgw8-7Nh5J4-522xAW-3rKRi-6fQCV1-4XzD4B-cGx6-5UsCEN-6X5Gwr-88kHjW-6PeieC-fUur1-bYdQ1N-8f7Sqe-jTdbr-eZwQVV-6xes2

tigerlilly tigerlilly

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amyrosequigley amyrosequigley

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In Middle school, the music teachers asked if anyon wanted to learn to play the violin. Now, at the time, I wasn't completely sure what a violin even was! But I was willing to give it a go. 

At the end of year 8, I took Grade 1 but unfortunately didn't pass. My teacher hadn't even taught me how to read music properly, and it was only after I'd graded that it clicked in my head the notes went up in steps.

Starting High school was a real turning point for me. I wasn't going to give up, and I wanted to continue learning to play the violin. My new teacher basically taught me from scratch, she taught me the pure basics. Notes, scales, arpeggios, dynamics, harmonics, etc. Since then I've taken Grade 1 again and passed and taken Grade 2 and got a merit!

Playing the violin is something I love doing, and something that I hope to become better and better at. I've always loved certain violin pieces and being able to play them is what makes me happy!

joacim.k.larsson joacim.k.larsson

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Played guitarr. But now it's the Ocarina that I play :)

Epinephrine21 Epinephrine21

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