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rebekahwilson26 rebekahwilson26

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 Passed driving test first time - 11 Sept 2015.

emma.v.willis emma.v.willis

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Shazbott2006 Shazbott2006

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Passed first time! 


Camilacr Camilacr

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 Summer 2014. La primera vez que maneje sola, me chocaron por atrás. bad luck Camila. 

JoshBourke JoshBourke

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Pass N driving test before turning 24 (Completed 1 day after turning 24) 

aspeckofdust aspeckofdust

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This was a tough journey, especially because I have a fear of vehicles. Their unpredictability makes me scared. The fact that you can possibly land up in an accident at any given moment even if you drive the safest scares me.

In a city like Mumbai, crossing roads itself seems like a video game where you can't afford to lose your life. That fear always dwelled in me. Overcoming it, or rather doing what I can and how much I can and stopping there has suited me most.

I went to classes every evening, learnt how to ride a scooty first. Then I learnt how to drive a car, beginning first with just starting the engine, then learning gears, going three steps ahead, learning to brake, learning to turn, going on empty roads in mornings, then going on normal roads with support from my teacher, then going to crowded places and finally going to crowded places with no support.

Also, getting license here was not as difficult as I expected it to be. That's a shame.

Well, I have my licence now, but I don't drive. Not until there is a clear need. Not until the fear goes away completely and not until they make better roads.

dustinm dustinm

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 Although I had a learner's permit when living in Canada, I haven't driven in many years and never got my full unrestricted license. I'd like to earn my unrestricted license.

Edit: I'd been driving for a year when I finally decided to do my road test. Got it done.

shahzad.siddiqui.28 shahzad.siddiqui.28

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I have been riding motorcycles since I was 12-13. Never really got around to driving. Finally it was time to master it. 

lifeofpie lifeofpie

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learn to drive 4-wheels 

I did it! ;) I was reluctant at first of requesting this from my bosses but i thought i truly badly need it for the TOBAW preparation especially the TOBAW Hall. I don't wanna be sick again and get hospitalized and get an "ok" response from a blackhearted boss and still pay almost half of the hospital bills i dont understand why. 

But the kind-hearted boss made a committee for the preparation so i told them not to mind my request at all but he insisted still so i got to have the 2hour-session driving lesson at Fely's which has a really good,  calm instructor and i got a much better understanding of all those stuff ;) but i still dont know how to park though :p and i rewarded myself my ever favorite 2 scoops ginger ice cream after that! ;) and i can already picture myself driving one like this! ;)

iamsambob iamsambob

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I passed my driving test when I was 20. Don’t know how I’d get by without being able to drive! 

golden-red golden-red

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Because getting a job is pretty much impossible without this. 

I know it'l be difficult because of my dyspraxia - problems with; percieving, distance, speed, time, remembering instructions, having no sense of direction, multi-tasking and getting left and right mixed up, not to mention the anxiety associated with all that. 


But I'l get there, just need to pass these exams first. 


Well first driving lesson booked for next friday the 6th of July with DRM, will see how it goes. 

- Update 28 July 2012 

Had 4 lessons so far, 1 hour per week and its going surprisingly well. I haven't managed to completely panic and have a meltdown or crash into anything yet - both of which I assumed would happen. 

It might take me longer than other people but so far I'm getting there and getting better. At least according to my instructor. 

- 08th April 2013 

Long overdue update - well I'm driving ok at the moment and I've apparently learned everything now it's just about consistancy and I've booked my theory test for the 25th of april and I'l see how that goes. 


update 18 May 2013 - passed my theory test on the 25th of april :) first time lucky. Not quite ready to try and sit my practical test still got a few mini-problems to iron out before I'm happy I'l have a good chance. 


Update 14 June 2013 - Practical test booked for the 12th of August 2013, but seeing as thats a few days after I come back from holiday and won't have been driving then, I'm going to try and get a cancellation and put it earlier.

Update 20 August 2013 - Ok so I didn't pass it, and yeah nerves effected me way more than I thought they would. But I'll move on and try again - given I've already booked my next attempt for the 30th of september. 

Oh and for the record (given I'll probably misplace my official fail-certificate aka record thingy) I failed on junction observation, as I'd just done a hill start that was less than fantastic, and which kind of threw me off a bit, and came up to a junction with parked cars and I came up too straight for turning left and caused a person along the main road to slow down therefore a major fault. 

I had some other minors, undue hesitation, and messing up a park at the end but tbh they were mostly nerves and things I'll know to make sure I'm good on for next time. 


3rd attempt booked for 18th december 

PASSED !! Very very happy although absoloutley disbelieving 

Kleeg Kleeg

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I've always liked the idea of going on a road trip in the USA and so i thought, for me to be able to do that, it would be a good idea to learn to drive. I started my lessons in July 2010. In the December i'd booked my driving test but due to snow, it got cancelled twice and i finally had it in January 2011. I passed first time! Woo hoo, go me! Although now i need a car and i'm afraid i'm going to have to take more lessons when i actually get one because it's been over a year now :/

kated364 kated364

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I want to feel as though I'm completely independant and I don't have anyone that could have anything on me so that I could live my life without ever having to worry about transportation or ever feeling trapped.

tiggerbaby tiggerbaby

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Took forever to learn and 2 tests to pass but sooooo worth it in the end!!!

asf asf

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Theory: check.

Practical: check.

Pass Plus: check.

Get a car: check!

MidnightDreamer MidnightDreamer

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On the island on which I live, the main means of transportation are motorbikes. I don't like them at all, and my only other means of transport are either bothering my parents/aunt/grandparents, or the bus. I am sick and tired of that. Thus, I have to learn how to drive.

EDIT: After a long time, I finally managed to pass my driver's licence exam! Now I am free to drive... as long as a relative gives me their car. Oh well!

DavidOakes23 DavidOakes23

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Your 23 and you still cant drive? <-- i heard that way too much for my liking so that was it, i was off. I started lessons, which by the way cost me an arm and a leg, but hey ho. After what i would say was a prolonged learning experience i finally passed my test just after turning 24. I have now been driving 4 months and can honestly say it is worth learning, although not worth the price of lessons... Find cheap ones!

TravelingSchishkabob TravelingSchishkabob

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I am officially a licensed driver in NY state. Felt kind of awesome! hehe

skittlez skittlez

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it worked out to be perfect timeing really because when i turned 17 which is the legal age to be allowed drive on the road here in ireland, my uncle who is also happens to be my godfather set up his own driving school so i got a pile of driving lessons for free.. if i actually had to pay for them jees i wouldnt have been on the road half as quick. but seriously i dunno what i did before i ever started driving... i'll have my full license 2year this october and no accidents yet thank god :D #carefree #thankful #independent #boom ♥

mrdecadent mrdecadent

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My poor dad must have hated me throughout that year of lessons.

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