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MamaRaven MamaRaven

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I went to college and spent 3 years studying Japanese! I can now read/write/speak the language fairly well (and it really is a beautiful language!) ā¤šŸ˜„

asta85 asta85

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The language and the whole country fascinates me in a way I can not describe.Ā 

- I started JapaneseĀ in the fall of 2015 and completedĀ Basics of Japanese 2 on 11th of May

It was even more complicated than I imagined, even though not impossible. Learning Japanese is mostly difficult because there is nothing to connect it with; no similar language I already know to support the learning and memorizing.Ā 

fiffyshu fiffyshu

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not fluent yet...T.T

suzann.portlock suzann.portlock

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I'm not fluent, but i learnt a bit! Took a beginners course!

c_man123 c_man123

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I may not be fluent, but I know enough!!


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