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vildefs vildefs

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 Took my driver's licence, first in the US, but I had to retake it in Norway, because of the huge road differences. We have A LOT more hills, mountains, tunnels, fjords, ferries and narrow roads than Missouri, which makes driving a bit different. Got my licence December 12th 2013. One of my best investments! 

irenka.orlyuk irenka.orlyuk

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Waiting for buying a car! 

hudabd02 hudabd02

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 I got my driving license on the 27th of August 2013

Jonah Lagan Jonah Lagan

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Après trois essais, enfin !!!Vive la liberté :)

29/31 avec comme expert Gonzalez.

Hayleyj96 Hayleyj96

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1st time pass!!

Lauragava Lauragava

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I have passed! Immediately 1!

DonnaT DonnaT

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 Passed first time  : )

valeeeeeerie valeeeeeerie

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WELL the first time I took my test I failed the DRIVING part. Not maneuverability. DRIVING.  

It's all good though because the second time I took it, it was the worst day weather wise of the whole winter. 


DeeDee. DeeDee.

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I learned different things from my dad, older sister and brother. It was kind of scary, because I can't see unless I scoot the seat all the way up. When I learned it was fun and I'm only getting better.

Jamie97_ Jamie97_

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One of the best things I've ever done. Gives you so much freedom, i would definitely recommend it.   


katy.matthews3 katy.matthews3

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Driving is the most helpful skill. Passed when I was 17 and got my first car for my 21st birthday, blue Skoda :)

thedragon74111 thedragon74111

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Yosephin taught me how to drive, she's so calm and definitely a good teacher. Faby also help me to become a better teacher for sure. 

grahamslist grahamslist

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 Passed my car test at age 18 in February 1981 and then 3 years later passed my HGV (truck, semi,)test...thus giving me the oppurtunity to travel all over Europe and get paid for it !..

Have visited many parts of Europe whilst driving trucks from the UK including as far as Ankara in Turkey and Moscow in Russia..met some great people had some great experiences and got some great memories.

chris.pollington.7 chris.pollington.7

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 It's a skill that we all want and would love to drive to places 

codiejane codiejane

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August 12th 2015


sarahlassx1 sarahlassx1

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Passed 3rd attempt with the help of Tim Brown @ Primary Route Driving School. Biggest challenged - believing in myself! 


confusering confusering

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I've had my license for a year now, but I haven't considered myself a 'good' driver until recently. Due to driving laws in my state, my older brother usually drove me around and I was afraid of highways, but a few days ago I was thrown into the deep end. My dad called me and told me he needed to go to the hospital and I was the only one available to bring him. I ended up driving on highways and crowded streets by myself to meet him there after an ambulance picked him up and though it was scary at first, I'm not afraid of driving anymore.

misstoye misstoye

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Full Drivers License acquired at Age 24, 1 failed theory and 2 failed practical but i got there!

The first failed practical was all me... A bit lapse on my over the shoulder checks. (too many minors)

The second failed practical attempt was not me! Another driver was approaching my (instructors) car on a bend and was going to hit us. I was stationary at a stop sign. I proceeded to glacially maneuver the car to the left hand side away from this on coming blind idiot! as i did so I mounted the pavement (an instant fail) to which my next move was saying BOLLOCKS as I knew what that meant for the £60 practical test. the examiner smiled nicely and said would you like to carry on with the test. (this after serious words with the other driver) We got back to the test center and I thought hmm maybe the examiner would let me off this as I was avoiding an incident. NO SUCH LUCK! as I was told yes they may have turned a blind eye but yet again I hadn't checked over my shoulder for a pedestrian on the pavement not that I should be mounting the pavement anyway and did I know it was an instant fail to do so? I looked and said yes I think me shouting BOLLOCKS gave that indication that I also knew that information. My driving instructor tried to plead my case but to no avail so on...

Practical test 3! I finally passed!. never had a bump or speeding ticket to date! (touch wood)

Safe & Happy Driving people!

tamaraaa.93 tamaraaa.93

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Na lang uitstellen heb ik dan toch mijn rijbewijs gehaald 


BurntToast BurntToast

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I have been learning to drive (loosely) since I was 17! I kept on giving up when I had a bad lesson or couldn't be bothered. It's about time I get this done!

Yay! Completed on  08/07/2015 after my 4th attempt!!!!!


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