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clouddwalkerr clouddwalkerr

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I'm not as fluent in French as I am in English and wish to be, but I can have a basic conversation. 

marie.1607 marie.1607

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 So this is kind of a no-brainer for me since I grew up in Brussels and my father's family speaks French. 

The language is one of the most beautiful ones concerning Literature and Poetry. But my bad experiences with French come from the difficulties with grammar and spelling. It's very hard in that aspect.

Ici je preuve que je sais écrire en français, donc je ne mettrais pas un vidéo. Excusez-moi pour des fautes dans la grammaire et orthographe.

sullmaia sullmaia

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 It's basic, but I can have conversation with people now! :)

Katiepitwell Katiepitwell

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learning french in school... for example...

salut je suis si heureux que j'apprends le français parce que cela signifie que je peux enfin cocher l'une des cases ici! hourra!


stephieee stephieee

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Khushboo Khushboo

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Completed 2 levelsfrench from alliance francais de bombay

xshauniix xshauniix

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Began learning at 11Really started LEARNING at 13/14 but with an unfortunate level of teaching :( Now studying French at college  

Noavh Noavh

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I moved to France when I was 5 , and now I speak fluently french . (I'm 14years old )

kristinoskbarichon kristinoskbarichon

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I am half Franch :) 


Pyshkopath Pyshkopath

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Well good luck ! French is my native language (I also teach French to kids) and the basic grammar and conjugation are a little bit tricky at start, but eventually you'll get it. Vocabulary is something that stacks up with time, so don't worry about it. There is amazing poetry in French (yes, even classical poetry !), you should look it up =)

megan.riley.1829 megan.riley.1829

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Love speaking, hate grammar


jbjellybean jbjellybean

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Describe your experience. Your story will inspire others.

Blanche. Blanche.

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 It wasn't that difficult, really x)

brbeckett brbeckett

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4 years!


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