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rissa_b rissa_b

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aitaylor2 aitaylor2

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I took a folk art class in high school and calligraphy was our first project.  We were putting on the musical Cinderella at the time and I made up a really sweet scroll with the lyrics from the song "The Prince is Giving a Ball".  I got a really good grade on it and really enjoyed doing it.  This is something I wish I did more often, and maybe now I will.

Baby_Blue96 Baby_Blue96

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JessieLou JessieLou

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I learned Calligraphy around the time 7th Grade ended.

I wasn't good at it,

but I know how to do it

sunflowereed sunflowereed

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I took a calligraphy class a few years ago its just awesome. It's beautiful and so unique

LunaMorgana LunaMorgana

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Acquiring a calligraphy set, I learned one script, and happy to have done so! It's great to be able to do something and make something pretty that not everyone can do.

Still, I'll one day learn more scripts!

MayLive MayLive

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it improved my writing soo much..my next goal will be to get better at it and learn some new alphabets :) 

horse.trainera horse.trainera

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I started calligraphy when I was 8 and stopped for several years and am just now getting back into it


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