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daphne.y.leijte daphne.y.leijte

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 I did it for 10 weeks and it was fun and interesting!

muddymelissa muddymelissa

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Still learning, still practicing!


lauramramos lauramramos

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katelynelisa katelynelisa

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I learned archery after getting classes from my parents for my 12th birthday. It was difficult, and I even split my finger open with a misguided arrow, but I still love it, 5 years later. 


DrJudge13 DrJudge13

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A lot of fun.

sugarpop5571 sugarpop5571

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 2 summers in a row I went to the same camp where I learned archery twice. Also, at my school we have an archery unit in PE class. Its gotta be my fave part of gym.

Cutiepie1017 Cutiepie1017

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 The pad on my finger was numb for a month

TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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College course 1995


Ryncovine Ryncovine

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 I learned archery in college at East Tennessee State University in the Fall of 1979.


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Got to do this one on a holiday at Club Med in Bali. Entered a competition and won!

lovestrengh lovestrengh

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My Uncle Shawn is an Achery Coach and helps coach some olympians. He Teaches in greek town in Toronto.  

danielita.ap danielita.ap

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psiaqua psiaqua

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Consistent posture really helps keep the arrow groupings close.

Jonah Lagan Jonah Lagan

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 I won my first grad during the middle school. After I learn Archery during the gym class in the first year of high school.

GMazz2402@yahoo.com [email protected]

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I'm still a beginner, but i'm slowly getting to where i'm actually getting CLOSE to that center. It does wonders for the upper body strength.

nefzalman nefzalman

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 I joined the archery club at my school  but i only get to play archery for a short time because i need to focus on my exams. I had a few problems with this and one of it is aiming and trying to pull the bow string because my bow is really heavy. I would totally play archery in the future when i'm free. The picture shows my second  time with archery at Fraser Hill. 

jessparkesx jessparkesx

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Won archery competition at my employability course 

twilightseven twilightseven

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I got my first taste of Archery when I was in Camp Fire for Boys and Girls. I attended a Camp Fire Camp in which one of the many activities we took part in was shoot a bow.

I was hooked. I've wanted to learn Archery ever since. One day!

Course fans of The Hunger Games wants to learn Archery because of Katniss. Yes, I have read the books and seen the movies, but I have wanted to learn archry since I was a little kid (before Jennifer made it cool to learn it) and I'm in my very early 30s now.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3037148117/

 And Miranda Lambert fans want to learn because Miranda shoots (pic is Mirandas just borrowed the twitter post link) :


And all the Once Upon a Time Fans will want to learn because of 

Amy Manson who plays Merida from Brave shoots

Ginny Goodwin who plays Snow White shoots

Sean Maguire who plays Robin Hood shoots

And those who have gone through the Great Wolf Lodge MagiQuest, you know that Princess Amora is the woodland princess, and she as well has been seen in pictures to be an archer. (Little one in green in pictures at top)

Jennifer as Katniss:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7674832644/in/photolist-cGcwmL-bTuEoT-bMfmFX-bFbgDN-cpXfAJ-9B8pnB-bCFRLJ-bN7pZP-bFbixC-bMUs9B-dGHj7S-acu1LE-cqoqVo-aL9TFp-bEYmv3-d4v19s-eZ7PVB-daeaJz-cKWJuC-dFgDH1-eTU8na-eU6x6y-c1diuu-dfdV4d-cGJzmA-bxkJE5-bCmGQL-bFEBjp-dgUwaX-dwuPhV-aBSQF6-dNcBGD-dwAehS-dwAeUq-dwuHFn-dwuHfa-dwuHQn-dwAerj-bx9hw7-dFYxPS-cAN46N-cAN43L-cAN3Zj-cAN49C-bQPoUi-bDzMmF-b6Yyai-eAEeMf-aC5HU5-bh7iCR-bh7iGH

 http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8056275977/in/photolist-dgUwaX-cQBgEm-bCUsCp-bvi54R-dwuPhV-aBSQF6-dNcBGD-dwAehS-dwAeUq-dwuHFn-dwuHfa-dwuHQn-dwAerj-bEUtHv-bx9hw7-bL3ZpM-dFYxPS-dEUCjC-cAN46N-cAN43L-cAN3Zj-cAN49C-dAxJ3q-bL3Zvc-8v6mW4-bQPoUi-dtS6qg-byJS7M-bDzMmF-b6Yyai-dd25G4-eAEeMf-aC5HU5-bh7iCR-bh7iGH-bh7iwt-bh7ixZ-bzsbGx-cAiDUy-dhKbwr-cDe4Ws-dR2qKq-bh7iAX-dpbxc7-abXbE7-abUkap-8YcAdf-8VXEy2-bprA8f-aC6WPP-bC1VrQ 

I took my first Archery lesson in May of 2016 in a small Tulsa indoor archery range.

brittanycude brittanycude

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October 9, 2013

I joined my high school's archery club. 

JessicaElizabeth JessicaElizabeth

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I'm a small person, so used a lightweight recurve bow. At first, my shots were scattered as I got used to holding the bow, but my aim quickly improved. With time, I hope to become very skilled!



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