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Pickles Pickles

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 This photo was taken 30 years ago when i was just beginning my learning of Tae Kwon Do

pierreselena pierreselena

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I signed up for a cardio kickboxing class. It really challenged me physically. Aside from the different moves, I learned that I was pretty flexible compared to the standard human being as I could stretched better and was able to kick higher . I also learned that I needed to drink more water everyday and exercise more in order to be able to sweat more like everyone else were able to.


Ricorius Ricorius

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I started with my best friend, who wanted to prepare himself for a potential military or police future. At the time I was obsessed with breakdance and it's awesome power-moves. I had a small battle with my heart and mind to start Tae Kwon Do, (it was the closest martial arts to my friends home). For a couple of years I practiced boxing and did some fighting in gardens with friends. When I finally learned Tae Kwon Do, I learned quickly and started to compete.

The more I focussed on that, the less I spent time on breakdance or boxing, which felt better and better. My best friend stopped the martial art and I continued until a lot of organization issue's gave me a bad feeling. I got interest in MMA and learned about Muaj Thai Kick boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I went from club to club, went to Asia to a Muaj Thai champion in Au Nang, Krabi. Filled with so much techniques, which I forgot a couple of weeks later because I wasn't able to train fully (cut off tendons). I knew I could learn the things I wanted to learn in my Tae Kwon Do environment.

Leaving behind a couple of life-long friends. I was eventually happy I didn't had those organisation issue's and bad vibes anymore. I could focus on kickboxing, ground-&-pound and jiu jitsu in a good club not far from home. Perfect. After a few weeks, I could already feel the techniques becoming more natural and they would present themselves quickly. From the state of "Mushin" to a quitable reaction when needed. I found a new home where I learn more and more every week.

cheongboo822 cheongboo822

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I learn Taekwondo when i was 8 years old for few months, then i stop because of the transportation.

On beginning of year 1995, I joined the Taekwondo Club of SMK Kwang Hua as members and started as white belt. 

I obtained my 1st Dan black belt in 2007.

On 2008, I became the president of SMK Kwang Hua Taekwondo Club.

I got my 2nd Dan on 1999.

and today i am 5th Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt.



wildtom111 wildtom111

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Started learning karate in September 2014... 

tharaka248 tharaka248

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Learnt Wu-shu at university of Peradeniya.

lyricyst lyricyst

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I've been training in Taekwondo for the past 5 years and I'm still at it.

ckay_productions ckay_productions

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I started capoeira with Capoeira Fundo Da Mata. Great group of people. Accepted me and help me with my struggles. Learn a lot from Instructor and Contra-mestre.

catthekiwi catthekiwi

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Began learning Tai Chi while I was living in Sydney and then again when I moved home. Love it when I can find a tranquil place outdoors to do it. Could do with a refresher course though, as when you don't use it like most other things, you lose it. 


nic512 nic512

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I learned Taekwondo (a form of martial arts) back in 2010. (meaningful)

Dreameuse Dreameuse

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i learnt/ j'ai appris : sambo - karate and jiujitsu fighting 


xxchloevictoria xxchloevictoria

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Kickboxing as a child/teen


AnnBushnell AnnBushnell

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Joined an Ai-Ki-Do club with a friend. Started once a week, increased to twice a week then visited other clubs so ended up three or four times a week. Also attended  two week long summer schools in Chester and weekends in Oxford. Some amazing Sensei (teachers)


empoole empoole

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 when I was little my dad, my sister, and I all learned karate 

leekooshk93 leekooshk93

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PhoenixFire PhoenixFire

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Learned Tae Kwon Do in High School


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ewoud.meresse ewoud.meresse

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EsforEmily EsforEmily

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I started Judo at the edge of 10. I was awful and always lost so I quit. My brother always won gold so he commuted to a better club in the wirral. They had more girls there so I joined in and started fighting again. By 13 I was 3rd in the country and was selected for the England squad. I keep this for 4 more years until I have to retire because of a health condition.

By 16 I got my black belt, which is very difficult to do. This martial art is actually fighting, no of the dancing around and all of a sudden you are an expert. By 17 I got my 2nd Dan. I traveled and won medal all over Europe. Judo gave me the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures at such a young age.

Judo is not for the weak. It requires motivation, commitment and determination. It have learnt a lot in life, It has toughened me up and I made a lot of friends all of the country because of it. Judo was a big part of my life and still is even though I can no longer fight anymore.

I'm considering in looking into getting my coaching license.


alanadacak alanadacak

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