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SophiaMy SophiaMy

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It's hard to tell what i felt when doing this goal! No such kind of fireworks or chemistry like in the movie, just physical attraction, maybe? =))  Or it's just simply that I was too drunk when it happened =))))) Very interesting experience after all :3

Juve Juve

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He's Mexican and I'm polish. We randomly, spontaneously met in Barcelona and I've never had such a great chemistry with someone in such a short time and tomorrow he goes further, and here goes that, but we kissed under a palmtree ūüĆī and it was freaking awesome :D

andreabilodeau andreabilodeau

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Kind of weird and fun. It was during a road trips with 3 other girls. The most crazy weekend ever.

brittanycude brittanycude

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 Done a lot more than kiss a stranger lmaooooooo

cassiemaeh cassiemaeh

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i knew him for a little less than 24 hours so...


laurenalessia laurenalessia

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Foam Wonderland. After, sweet guy asked for a kiss on the cheek then one on the lips so I did both


princessambie23 princessambie23

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Said his name didn't hear it but still made out with him

damesalice.ds damesalice.ds

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 I'm brazilian so i do this a lot

efahadidou efahadidou

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At the airport on my way to the US I had to fullfill the bet of kissing 5 cute guys before leaving Greece. I had one left and I was boarding my flight when I spoted my handsome candidate. I went up to him and asked him if I could kiss him. He smilled and answered yes. So I did :)


Ushi_rm Ushi_rm

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Garoto en TheWho! 

maria12245 maria12245

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Live on the Green. His name was Tyler and Cage the Elephant was playing


narcisisst narcisisst

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Mykonos Greece w Sebastian lmao

Traveler21 Traveler21

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It was on the Empire State Building with a 30 year old German man


roxy142142 roxy142142

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 Learned alot but don't plan on doing it again. His name was Nick 

anna.kitono anna.kitono

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10/10 would recommend


Alexandria Alexandria

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I kissed j wowie lol so good compared to my last but almost a dirty good i know my last one was uber clean ish ...... but he was eh just ok j was good mmmm tongue ring and all

Agnes Engdahl Agnes Engdahl

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I kissed a guy at a party. He was lovely. 


aautumn00 aautumn00

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Ok, so I was in Dallas for the fourth of July and had to make a quick walmart run for some snacks before the firework show. Speeding through the isles, I wasn't looking where i was going, and run into a surprised hipster. It was so embarissing because there I was nose to nose with him and before it clicked in my brain to turn away (i was mortified XD), he squinted and gave me a quick peck on the lips. I backed away wondering what the heck just happened and he shrugged, blushed, and smiled saying: "Just thought it would reduce the awkwardness a bit". *HEADSMACK!* 

RachelSaysRawr7 RachelSaysRawr7

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I've never been one to turn down a dare...

lll333 lll333

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I know this is weird. But yeah...

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