Horseback riding

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hemi86 hemi86

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Such a fun ride! The horses were beautiful and the ride through the trails was amazing. It's one of those experiences that puts you at peace. I really enjoyed it and hope to go again!

KittyTheMoose KittyTheMoose

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My loan horse, Dibley!


evegraceneedham evegraceneedham

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 I ride horses as my hobby and it is the best!

minecraftrules587 minecraftrules587

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 It was super fun,even though along the way we smelled horse poop. 

Karen Stur Karen Stur

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And still loving it when i have the chance :)


euaggeliaxrist euaggeliaxrist

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TopFrog TopFrog

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With the scouts as a boy and fell off the back! 


celeste.pipa101 celeste.pipa101

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I have ridden horses since I was young, training colts, but one thing I always wanted to do was to ride my horse in a large parade in the area. 

I finally achieved this goal in 2012 when my new neighbor and I hit several parades that year. We put flowers all over our horses, got dolled up in our best show gear, and threw candy from the saddle. It was one of the best experiences of my life.  Since then, we've done that parade along with 3 others every year. 

audreyaragonb audreyaragonb

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Firs horseback ride was in Baguio I think I was in 5th grade. My horse had a pink colored tail and I remember wanting not to stop. Until I saw a big black bad ass horsee that scared other horses from a far. I was so terrified and I wanted to stay away from it and gladly my beautiful horse and he didn't meet.

Also we used to have 5(there's only one who's still alive now) horses at home and it's weird that I got to ride one only once. 

The photo attached is infront of our house I took during my senior HS year


yvargasg yvargasg

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I have ridden a horse, I practice it with my friends, we went to visit different places it was a good experience, it gave me fear but it was worth it. 

NatalkaKosiuk NatalkaKosiuk

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Two hour horseback riding session in Costa Rica. The horses were well-trained and easy to handle even for a novice like me. I would recommend going in the evening because the weather is perfect. It was an amazing experience! Rode along two beaches, and a few trails! Our guide was awesome, pointed out the local wildlife including howler monkeys!

Shari Shari

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It was one of the most memorable moments of my life.  The feeling of peace, freedom and happiness was a moment in time that I will never forget.

craytons1888 craytons1888

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 In Cuba an amazing experience 

jemelabourne jemelabourne

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Went Horse riding with Brooke, also rode a pony 

Melissa B Melissa B

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Kimbri and I went through several trails and really enjoyed riding through nature!


lsalazart lsalazart

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it was a tons of fun riding horseback with my boyfriend because it was cute how we freaked out when the horse galloped fast, but also nice and hearthwarming because its somthing that we almost never get to do together at all.

to do this kind of activities with your favorite person just makes you feel amazing.


lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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At Summer Camp that I worked at, we had lots of free time and we decided to go horse back riding. The Wranglers thought it would be great practice for when they have to teach families and kids later on. To be honest, they were really smelly! The horse's name I rode on is Lyka. We had to practice how to go, stop and turn in the riding area first and then go out and ride the bush trials. It was slow, but quite fun!


alihan_ramazanov alihan_ramazanov

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 Well, I was born in a village, so it is usual thing for me. However, I decided to add this goal into my bucket-list, as this activity never makes me bored. It is an amazing experience. And, I have my own horse:)

naomipatriciap naomipatriciap

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Amazing Animal :)

experiencing in Chachagui, Colombia & Simpsonville SC

mariasafadi mariasafadi

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I have ridden bareback a few times, one of my favourite times is when I did a gymkhana bareback and another favourite time was jumping bareback on my favourite pony Dixie:)

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