Have a silly string fight

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makeit.anyway makeit.anyway

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I couldn't tell when I had my first silly sting fight but I can tell you it is one of the most high energy, colourful mess of pure childish fun you can ask for and quiet honestly some of the best few minutes you could have with a couple bucks. This is a picture before my birthday party when I was in the fifth... sixth grade ? Somewhere around there. End result; some very tired kids and a very VERY messy backyard. 


Spunkygirl11 Spunkygirl11

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Silly fight with friends and family complete!

elusby elusby

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I've had so many of these with friends and its always a good time. 

tonyanelms tonyanelms

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 There was a silly string fight waiting for me when I got home from buying groceries!

tonetone28 tonetone28

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Did this with my little brother years ago. Probably 2006-ish

RachelSaysRawr7 RachelSaysRawr7

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I went on a "camping" trip with a friend on her birthday.  We brought along silly string and attacked friends in the woods one night and then ran from park rangers...



P.s. I went back and cleaned it up, promise!!

StarWars StarWars

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At Little America!! o.o

alicedragon alicedragon

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My friends Hannah, Laura, Lois and I had an epic silly string fight towards the end of Sixth Form, it was all over the school, we used about 10 cans each!

unique_pryncess unique_pryncess

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Can't recall actual date, but I recall as a 13 year old, having a silly string fight with my brother when we were staying down south, while my parents were watching football. We decorated the entire courtyard of our motel in silly string and the parents weren't too impressed when they came out to see what we were doing. But it was worth it. ^_^

Lovesworthit Lovesworthit

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Got silly string in my easter basket from my aunt, we all had a silly string fight...  Matt, Me, Amanda, Ricky, Justin, Kathleen & Jesse

ssantos ssantos

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my friends and I attacked another who was graduating- she's a year ahead of us. So we left her one last memory :P

Waitingformygorgeousnightmare Waitingformygorgeousnightmare

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Beginning of the year. Some girl on my bus named Jordan. We were fast friends. We went bowling once. She brought her friend Virginia and I brought my sister. After we bowled we went to the Kmart across the street and bought a bunch of stupid shit. We went back to the bowling alley parking lot. We were all wearing Groucho glasses and we played Pin the Tail On The Donkey and Sprayed each other and random strangers with Silly String.

PinkForever56 PinkForever56

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My old friend's block party

musicloverr489 musicloverr489

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Had one in the summer about a year ago, very colourful!

StandardDeviate StandardDeviate

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Birthday ambushes but never enough cans of silly string. Breathe through your nose.

bobbeeyy bobbeeyy

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Done in the Walmart Parking In Montréal with my friends <3 


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 With Nuala Peterman

Kristykim99 Kristykim99

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 with friends outside

ines ines

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rbostek rbostek

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at my friend sylvias going away party we had a water fight which led to a cupcake fight which was then a silly string fight! it was loads of fun

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