Graduate high school

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Jenessa17 Jenessa17

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 After 4 long years, I did it. Next step: university.

flamingrosedrakon flamingrosedrakon

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 **Not My Picture** 

I have to give this a 3-stars since the overall experience was a disappointment to me with my senior year. I had moved from a place where I had grown up with and knew the majority of people to a bigger high school where basically throughout the whole school year I didn't make one friend in my own grade and just basically one person out of a school of over 200.

 The classes I took more or less were awesome and I enjoyed them. There were a few that I wish I could have done without or had the chance to do them a specific way such as ceramics - no wheel - since of my height restrictions.

mangomarsh mangomarsh

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Did it!


kyannaebanks kyannaebanks

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 The happiest day of my life.

candicesilvan candicesilvan

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It was a hard four years.

levao97 levao97

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mchs pumas


ehurdyy ehurdyy

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Then I will officially start my own life!

badwolf0409 badwolf0409

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 High School was the worst. I hated it. College was awesome, though! 

elijah.cox1999 elijah.cox1999

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 Free at last


Cindy4685 Cindy4685

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 Most amazing, crazy, fun and sad years of my life 💀💀

jazzyokanovic jazzyokanovic

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Well, I did it. Class of 2017 from Berkeley High School.

Honestly, I wasn't the type of person who loved high school. I loved many moments, and the good memories far outweigh the bad, but overall, it just wasn't my cup of tea. I never felt truly at home or happy with the place I was when I was at school. I struggled to find people who were like me and always felt like I was being judged for being different. In a city regarded as the most progressive, liberal, and open minded, I found myself uncomfortable and judged more often than invited. Somehow, I ended up being very country, despite my California upbringing. I enjoyed country music, and farms, big trucks and traditional values. I didn't feel like there were people like me, people I could relate to. Even through all this, I ended up finding some people who I will never forget. My best friend, Meghan, and I, who became besties my sophomore year of high school, are still to this day close. In fact, we go to the same University in Nevada. Crazy as it is, high school is just one big experimental experience. Would I do it again? Definitely not. But if anything, I'm grateful for the good experiences which molded me, and the bad ones which helped me grow. I can't say that I'll miss being in high school, but I can say that I will (and already do) miss the laughs with friends, the crazy spirit days, the wild nights we spent doing stupid thing out way too late, and all the memories I've made. 

But at the end of the day, I don't need to be in high school to keep those memories close to my heart.


gwens20 gwens20

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Graduating was the best part of high school  

ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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Graduated from Sister High in 2009 =D They made all the girls where white and the boys black since those where our colors. I was annoyed because I wanted to wear black and my boyfriend and the time wanted to wear white haha

evelyn_is_a_bee evelyn_is_a_bee

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Was not a great memory, not a big deal actually.

But finally, I chose a BA related to languages. 

richellec_24 richellec_24

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graduated with honors 6.4.11. 

griffioen griffioen

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The first of many diplomas.


JYAK2013 JYAK2013

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Important day in my life

vildefs vildefs

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 So good to be done with High School, even though I had a blast. Graduated in 2014! 

citessan citessan

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STUDENTEN 2016, magisk!  

Aliesxo Aliesxo

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 Proud of myself. And also very happy that I never had to go to that fucking hellhole again :) 

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