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Tamy Tamy

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Graduated from AUB with a Bachelor degree of Computer and Communications Engineering.

TianaM TianaM

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Bachelors of Science Degree 🙌 

the_end the_end

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 It took a lot of late nights but I managed to graduate with honors while juggling a full time job and a full course load. 

JGartner JGartner

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 From an Ivy no less!

watashiannadesu watashiannadesu

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 I graduated from Saint Louis University School of Nursing last March. College has its ups and downs but I don't regret anything that has happened.

Sirrodhan Sirrodhan

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I did it!! I really did it!! I am very happy with the result as it is one of those cycles that I had to close forever. I want to thank my friends, parents and teachers for giving me the tools and courage to finish this fight.

RosannaKillick RosannaKillick

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Graduated from Oxford University with a BA in History

baboryvonykaye baboryvonykaye

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I already did! Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management Marketing. 

kimbapx kimbapx

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Fast tracked it out of there a few years ago!


bella.clarinet bella.clarinet

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 Valedictorian in Bachelor of Biomedical Science with a GPA of 7.00

n.kimquynh n.kimquynh

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There is a good reason they call these ceremonies "commencement exercises." Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning. Mom, for all the times I didn't thank you either because I was too young to too busy or just didn't find the words, today I thank you for all you have done for me. Now that I am older, I realize more and more everything you did, everything you gave, and most important, everything you stand for and I love you and thank you with all of my grateful heart. P/s: CHÍNH THỨC BỊ ĐÁ ĐÍT KHỎI TRƯỜNG và đồng bọn mình cũng thế #graduation2015 #getintolife


Nasu Nasu

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Was hard work but got my masters degree!  

Milou Milou

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The end of some of my best year. Graduate in frech literature! 


minhouuuuu minhouuuuu

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life achievement unlocked!

cindyanell cindyanell

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<3 Ing. Ambiental y en Seguridad



pitchergeneva pitchergeneva

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Graduating from college was one of the most exhilirating moments in my life since I proved myself to my parents. There were a lot of struggles entering an all girls school and even though I nearly gave up I am proud to have pushed myself to strive harder and finish my studies in this prestigous school :) I graduated Cumlaude from Assumption College.

rachelplc rachelplc

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Best 4 years of my life.

pennie.looker pennie.looker

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Bachelor of Science, UNiversity of Southern Queensland


Beckylouise Beckylouise

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 Can't believe I finally graduated!

katy.matthews3 katy.matthews3

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Hopefully final year will be over and I will be graduating university with my BA Hons in Events Management


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