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chellobean chellobean

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 This was great! It was fantastic to see something like this, I will definitely do this again.

wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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Amazing creatures those humpback whales. Me and my boyfriend Håkan went when we was at the Gold Coast in Australia. We rented a plane from Cessnock and flew up to Brisbane and Gold Coast. It was pretty great!


Rubie-Redd Rubie-Redd

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I have always wanted to go on a Whale Watching tour since I lived in Washington. So, I ended up taking a tour with the San Diego Whale Tour off of Mission Bay. I did see citings of seals, gray and minke whales 

paperlass paperlass

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 Beautiful whale watching trip seen several fun whales, dolphins and a seal! :)

Kwilliams314 Kwilliams314

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Went on a whale watching trip while in Vancouver BC.  Got to see a large pod of orcas and a humpback whale!  The boat ride was very rough at times, but totally worth the trip.

melvargas melvargas

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This was my first time to go whale watching and it was an amazing experience. I wish I could've jumped in the water to swim with them. 

emmysadventures emmysadventures

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Went whale watching in Reykjavik, Iceland on a boat with Laura and Dan, we didn't see any whales- maybe next time!


ZoZo ZoZo

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I went out on the boat and had a really good time, I didn't get sea sick but i did get bored. We didn't see any whales for a very long time, and then right at the end we saw the tail of the whale. It made a splash and then it was gone


Sam101 Sam101

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i wish i saw more whale 


TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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Feb 1993: Off the coast of Oahu


sophieroselle sophieroselle

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 Saw a WHALE

Loucsc87 Loucsc87

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My brother was doing research for college in Cape Cod. I was lucky enough to get a chance to go whale watching with my family while we were there visiting him. We had a whale do a full breach near our boat...it was very exciting to watch.


icecream4younme icecream4younme

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Tour time: 12pm  

 I've been whale watching before when I was really young but only remember the whales being very far out. Although I'm in love with the ocean, I'm also terrified of it -- an entire world lives under the surface and we still don't know everything about it!  The idea that that largest existing animal  (blue whale) and heaviest to ever be on the earth is still roaming the waters fascinates me. 

Luckily due to Groupon, there's always deals for whale watching. After looking at reviews,  I chose this one:  Harbor Breeze Cruises.  They are connected to The Aquarium of the Pacific and depart right next to them on Dock #2  in Long Beach.  The prices seemed higher than the others on Groupon but I bought a 2 adult tickets for $49, coming out to  $24.50 each but that really doesn't seem too bad. Plus the other ones had lower reviews and seemed more focused on fishing than whale watching. This was specifically a 3 hour blue whale watching cruise :) 

Anyways a random hurricane was coming up from Mexico that weekend and the news sensationalized it and I was worried about going out on the water. Harbor Breeze told me that the warnings were only for the beach but the waters they'll be going out on are deeper and there's no warnings from the Coast Guard. My boyfriend and I decided to go after he encouraged me saying the worst thing that could happen is that we'll have to reschedule once we get there. I'm glad he did because when we arrived to Long Beach, the waters were so calm and the weather was perfect! 

The boat was a nice size, not huge but not tiny. We sat out on the top row of the front deck and soaked in the sun and wind. After about 30 mins boating out to the open water, we saw one blue whale. It blew its blowhole a couple times but we only saw a small part of it. I was hoping to see the entire whale but I don't think you can see it unless you're way up on a helicopter or something. It was still cool to see a whale just hanging out and so much closer than I thought we would be! I had bought a cheap pair of binoculars before we went, they were actually pretty good ones but we didn't need it since we got pretty close. It was actually a lot easier w/o them because you really have to be focused on a small area w/the binoculars and can easily miss something that's happening. 

Our captain wanted to go look for some more active blue whales so we drove around. Unfortunately didn't see any more whales but we did see a good number of dolphins! It was so cool to see how fast they can swim and jump out of the water. They seemed so playful and carefree :) Some of them swam right under our boat; they looked pretty big!

Overall:  We didn't see as much as the other tours did that day (saw on their facebook page posts later) but I didn't mind it. Just being out on the ocean and seeing that one whale and some dolphins was worth it. A lot of whale watching is pretty much luck and I would def want to go out again :) The best was on the boat ride home, we were going pretty fast and my bf and I decided to stand right at the front railing tip of the boat. It felt like I was literally flying above the water; the waves were kind of hypnotic and meditative. It was a 3 hour cruise but it definitely didn't see like it! I could probably be out there all day! Oh and I was worried about sea-sickness and took a dramamine. I don't think I needed it; the waves were pretty calm. It got a little rocky at times but not for too long. 


  • Take a dramamine just in case you're sensitive to motion sickness
  • Bring water and crackers. I also brought a pack of dried mangos which was a perfect snack on board
  • Remember to apply and bring sunscreen!
  • It gets super windy, esp if you sit on the front deck, bring a light jacket 
  • Sit out on the front deck! The captain will turn the boat around since they need to narrate and see what's going on. 
  • Binoculars optional. Maybe I didn't know how to use them but I didn't need them. I'd still bring them if you have them
  • Enjoy and don't take too many pics otherwise you'll miss out! :)





Basilrose Basilrose

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Always wanted to do this and I got the chance in Alaska.  We followed a humpback for some time.  Eventually saw the tail but did not get a photo of it.  Now I would like to see the friendlies in Baja.


nelson.ong.75 nelson.ong.75

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DavidAllan DavidAllan

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Went Whale watching on 10 December 2014 saw many humpback whales and their calves, one surfaced about 30 feet away, saw the tail flukes when they dived and two jumped clear of the water in the distance one of the best things I have ever seen. Should be on everyone's list!

sleepycat1993 sleepycat1993

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 Went to Boston whale watching trip, didn't see whale but the view is good

HCMarshall HCMarshall

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Go whale watching and see them in their natural habitat


Poopie Kitty Poopie Kitty

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During our trip to Salem, Lisa, Sean and I went whale watching on the Atlantic Ocean to celebrate her 30th birthday!! We saw a couple of humpback whales.  They were active for like 3 whole hours.. it was pretty amazing!!  I'm so glad I was able to cross this one off my list, even though the boat ride back made me a  little seasick!!

Tonje Tonje

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 We went whale watching on the Gold Coast in Australia. It was pretty amazing but I thought it was a shame that we were so many people on the boat. It made it really hard to get a good look at them. 

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