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kirstenholmes98 kirstenholmes98

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I've been to Venice twice now,and the second around I was in awe just as much as the first at just how beautiful the city really is (this may have ben because I was still fairly young when I when I went for the first time). Don't get me wrong there are parts that you think may be a bit scary in the dark bur that's the same as any other city. There is so much culture and history in it and I think it's somewhere that everyone should visit at least once in there life.

Stevy Stevy

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Venice has a mystic aura, it's a unique place, so vibrant at daytime and so quiet after the sunset. I always visit Venice during the Biennale which is also incredible! 


angelasdream angelasdream

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 Me and my lovely husband went to Venice on april 1st 2015.

it was my 26th bday which made it more special.

Veladee Veladee

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OMG my life long dream to go to Italy, Venice, walk in the footsteps of James Bond. Venice is a nice old town, but then it is too crowded and i was a bit disappointed, and because it is such a tourist town everything is expensive and i did not get to ride a Gondola because of their expense, however i had a blast and was fun, above all we have to make the most of what we have. If you happen to go to Venice, oh do try the Ice-cream, it is the best and you will want to have it all the time every time. 


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Beautify the words getting lost


svdweel svdweel

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Visited Venice in a summer holiday when I was a kid, toghether with my family. A beautifull water city with the San Marco square and the gondeliers. 

DavidAllan DavidAllan

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I spent a few weeks travelling around europe visiting 12 countries including Italy and Venice. I spent 3 days there and had a wonderful time and hope to return one day. 

Nienke1996 Nienke1996

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I liked the city, but only because of the buildings and the water streets. I didn't like the bridges you have to cross over every time and the city didn't smell really nice. I actually don't really like (the same) tourist shops either and there were a LOT of them in Venice so... I didn't like that either haha. We also took a typical Venitian boat, which I liked but because of the stories everyone told me/us, I actually expected it to be a bit more experience than it was eventually.

seaThemonk seaThemonk

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 Not the best smelling place in the world.

allenboggy123 allenboggy123

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Venice was amazing! i now know when people say it's the most beautiful city in the world, they aren't joking. At first it's hard to get your head around the fact that you need a boat to get anywhere, but I think that's part of the experience. We went on a water bus that took us down the grand canale, under many famous bridges and through the city. When we arrived at St Marco's square we went into the Hotel Daniele where 'The Tourist' with Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie, was filmed. The hotel was amazing, then we went into the square and took many photos. After that we had lunch and toured the city (as much as you can on foot) then we got a private boat to Murano which is an island off Venice famous for glass making. There were lots of glass sculptures and beautiful shops, I bought some lovely jewellery. I was sad to leave and hope to return before it becomes submurged.


marinosval marinosval

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The only thing I regret about this experience is visiting Venice at the age of 16. I was way too young back then to be able to enjoy this magnificent city to the fullest. I hope that before I die, I will once more have the chance to set foot on this truly amazing place.

kathryn.is.i kathryn.is.i

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The most amazing holiday ever and special because it was me and my boyfriend's first holiday together.

gomezcamilo gomezcamilo

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No picture ever shows the amount of turists there are in Venice, it's hectic. But other than that, the place is absolutely spectacular.

alexcompton alexcompton

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I have been twice and I absolutely love Venice! It's not as smelly as people make it out to be, but definitely worth going when it's not peak season as it's a little bit quieter 


mikecharnock mikecharnock

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Loved it, go off the back streets in evenings for some real local restaurant service!! Also take a boat to other local islands.


britt.vanhoof.587 britt.vanhoof.587

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It was beautiful !!


SerenaCelia SerenaCelia

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Aliceemma Aliceemma

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 One of the best experiences of my life time. Definitely wanting to return soon!

Naomib04 Naomib04

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 Vow renewal it was incredible! 

welsh_dragon92 welsh_dragon92

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 Spent an amazing few days in Venice, and i would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to go. Tried gelato and it was incredible, and got lost wandering around the city and exploring all the churches and winding streets.

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