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TianaM TianaM

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New York really does & will always feel so surreal to me .  Something about the excitement and lights and people always makes me happy. Turns out I haven’t actually taken a picture there since I had my really crappy phone . I’ll have to update this picture, but this experience is really amazing to me :)  also... have you really lived if you don’t take a picture with the famous Naked Cowboy ? 🤠 

Vness12 Vness12

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Fun day but too cold. With my cousin chefield.

elusby elusby

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 While on my school trip in NYC we were going to the Broadway musical "Wicked" but before the show started be split into groups and explored Times Square. My group went to the Disney store and M&M store and a couple others. It was so much fun even though we got lost and were lte to Broadway.

dragoschitac dragoschitac

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 those lights, awesomeeeee

Lisaasbroek Lisaasbroek

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My 16th birthday present was a trip to New York.

Been there for a week with my mom. 

It was amazing!



confusering confusering

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Around here we went to the M and M store, the Disney store, and walked into the Hardrock Cafe 

AliceInWanderland AliceInWanderland

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I was so shocked by how much I fell in love with New York, I was not expecting it at all.


beatlemma beatlemma

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It'll my first time in the USA. I want to visit this amazing place with my own eyes. 

vvanhorn8674 vvanhorn8674

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And her eyes were the most beautiful I'd ever seen that night with all of the lights shining in them. Amazing.

Beecharmer Beecharmer

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roshriece.samuel.9 roshriece.samuel.9

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i went to times square in the night and it was so beautiful

Angalo Angalo

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Got atacked be a homeless who grabbed me and wanted money.  


sarahpalmatory sarahpalmatory

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I went there on a school trip.

nyarielle nyarielle

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I live near NYC, so this is not really a big deal.

Sarah1029 Sarah1029

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Finally got to go when I went to the Super Bowl!!!


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