Go to the top of the Empire State Building

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bunnyfoofoo405 bunnyfoofoo405

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It was cool to go up there and see a panoramic view of New York City. Just too many people at the top to make it less of a tourist spot.  

marjoleinevelien marjoleinevelien

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 It was super cold, rainy and windy but... Magical ❤️

milkyc0ffee milkyc0ffee

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Amazing to see the famous New York City from such a height! (Photo is at Top of the Rock, with Empire State in the background)

hf0ster hf0ster

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The view from the 102nd floor was breathtaking by night, seeing the variety of colour that New York has.  The Chryssler Building was by far my favourite from an architectural point of view.  The Statue of Liberty was barely visible at night unless you looked through the binoculars.      

Melissa B Melissa B

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I took a ferry and went to the subway to get to New York, in order to walk my way to the Empire State Building.  It was my first trip to New York and I did this adventure completely by myself. I made it by sunset to see a beautiful sun starting to set behind thousands of buildings! (A stranger took my picture graciously)

scott.bahantka scott.bahantka

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  I went to the top of the Empire State Building w/ Cathy, Bryan, & Megan.

cherrygoth cherrygoth

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Completed on 15th August 2013!

Poopie Kitty Poopie Kitty

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I got to go to the top of the Empire State Building, just like in Sleepless in Seattle!  I went during my college trip, but by myself.  I went at night so I could see the New York and Times Square skyline all lit up.  It was really cool and I'm so glad I did it.

certifiedintrovert certifiedintrovert

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 There has been a huge picture of this view on my wall for years, but I was never lucky enough to see it in person. This all changes in May 2016, when I visited New York CIty for the very first time. I sat at a window at the Top of the Rock where I enjoyed the iconic view.

juliannacrisa juliannacrisa

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A very stunning sight. I went up to the 86th floor during the daytime, but I hope to return again someday to see the city at night from up there.  

melissa.9 melissa.9

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Top of the Empire State Building with Zachary May 31, 2013


kastevenson97 kastevenson97

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NYC Senior Interim Term


olia.provorovska olia.provorovska

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summer 2013


dirtydavid dirtydavid

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hayley.jo2 hayley.jo2

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10 o clock at night. So the whole of New York lit up with my nana


nabeel.naved nabeel.naved

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glenda.anne.walker glenda.anne.walker

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Saved this for the last day in New York and it was so foggy that you couldn't see the edge of the building from the safety bars.


positiviDi positiviDi

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Almost midnight, no lines, weather dropped to 30F. with Camille, Renee, and Alex.  October 2012.

shahna.christine shahna.christine

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During my New York trip in May 2013 Trevor and I went to the top of the Empire State Building. It was fantasitc and windy and beautiful and well worth the wait. 


areilla10 areilla10

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Did this on our class trip back in grade 10.


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