Go to the airport and take a random flight

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pascal.geitner.1 pascal.geitner.1

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Actually, we, me and a friend, booked a flight to Dublin... Well, we were already at the airport when we realised that the flight was a week later... We've already paid the Coach ticket to the airport and decided to use this unique opportunity :D And I tell you: best mistake 'ever' (up to now)!!

awallis2 awallis2

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Nervewrecking! But gratifying when flying standby :)

annamargamatters annamargamatters

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From Virginia, back home to SF. :)


awesomeapril awesomeapril

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it was fun

dbarba.garcia dbarba.garcia

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what we did was ask our family to purchase 2 tickets to a random place without telling us where it was. We told them what our budget was and they purchased the tickets... told us at what time we had to be at the airport and gave us the boarding passes in an envelope... we opened them right in the airport =) great experience not having a clue where you are going!!! we packed summer and winter clothes just in case!

qieron_bowie qieron_bowie

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I didn't take a random flight but I did take my first flight to Florida with my family. It was rocky in the beginning but it was a very nice flight. The view from the plane while in the sky was beautiful. The clouds were amazing!!! I will definitely be taking another flight within the near future!


dawn.wilkinson.503 dawn.wilkinson.503

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portugal to nurnberg


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