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elfen elfen

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I went in late April 2015. It had been one of the coldest winters in many years.   And it was cold! And windy! My teeth was hurting, when I was talking.

kna86 kna86

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I went to Iceland for my Birthday!! Of course it was cold,  but beautiful. 

andrewok89 andrewok89

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Amazing landscape. Rugged desolate by beautiful. Lots of days trips to be had. Golden circle blue lagoon and the northern lights. Defiantly reccomend.

courtneybrooke193 courtneybrooke193

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Stopover at the airport technically counts.. but I'll most definitely be back to explore! 

Freyjaorvars Freyjaorvars

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I live in Iceland


deberlin deberlin

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Awesome trip!

General1987 General1987

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 Got holiday booked, can't wait!


*Updated* Did this in October 2014, great trip amazing country and wonderful landscapes.

lpsan lpsan

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I have done a roadtrip with 2 friends through the south of iceland it was a very cool experience.

saw alot of things where i don't remember the name of. See pictures below

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157674503421471/


topazrilesbird topazrilesbird

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My dad lived in Iceland while stationed there in the military.  I want to go.  Here.

Did it!  With Ravi Sharma and Wilber Lio and Vishal Patel in summer of 2015.

jikomoku jikomoku

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I imagine this to be a stunning part of the world.  I especially want to bathe in The Blue Lagoon.  Hey, maybe I could see the Northern Lights while I'm there and cross that off my list too! :D


I went to Iceland for a milestone birthday, got to bathe in the Blue Lagoon AND did indeed see the Northern Lights! I've loved every place I've travelled to but I think I'd have to place Iceland at the top of the list because it's just so incredibly breathtaking and made me feel more alive than I ever have been. Was on a massive high for months after returning home. We drove around the Ring Road anti-clockwise over 10 days, plus had a couple of days in Reykjavik. Still feel like we only scratched the surface! Definitely keen to go back one day.

chikadi chikadi

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SO much fun!

pandasnuff pandasnuff

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I did this as a science trip during my middle school years- too young to appreciate sight seeing i did not enjoy the trip back then. Looking back at it now it was a fantastic experience- tasting the local food and seeing the amazing sights iceland had to offer was something i don't think i will ever get to do again

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