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miranda.owen.92 miranda.owen.92

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I went on a trip to Europe in the summer of 2015 and I absolutely loved it! Berlin is my favorite place in the world (so far). I also went to Dresden, Dachau, and Munich.

Alisiaboo Alisiaboo

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Well, I live in Germany.. so that was easy to accomplish (btw the day I "visited" germany is my birthday :D). And the photo was taken at Konstanz.

sarker.tawsif sarker.tawsif

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Went to Europe for the first time in my life. Visited my uncle in Mannheim and enjoyed the total culture and traditional changes from the United States

heliaticc heliaticc

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Without a doubt, my favorite part of the whole trip. We stayed the night in a lodge outside the Black Forest, and I stayed with a host family in Nersingen for three days where I was shown a bunch of clips from Eurovision and tagged along with their daughters to an all-girls Catholic school. We drove on the Autobahn once, which was enough for me tbh, and my host mother successfully snuck us into the first-class car on a train to Gunzburg. I still have the train tickets. Most of my pictures are from that Gunzburg trip.

melissayax melissayax

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Went in January of 2013. Competed in the Cup of Berlin. I went with Hockettes Junior as Team USA. Mom and Jimmy both went. Very long flight. I was to anxious to sleep on the flight on the way there. Hotel was sketchy. We walked in and saw a cigarette butt on the floor and then there was also hair in the shower. It was a great trip. I got to see where the Berlin wall stood, the Holocaust Memorial and lots of other cool stuff. 

GraceT108 GraceT108

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Went to Berlin in 2007 with my family

Went to Berlin and Munich in 2012 during interrail trip

Stopped in Cologne and saw cathedral in 2013 interrail trip


dbehrens73 dbehrens73

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stem cell transplant. went to Dusseldorf and Cologne. Beautiful


KashaT KashaT

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I went to Germany for 6 months, to work at our mother company.

robincoon83 robincoon83

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Lived in Germany for 2 years, military wife birthed one child abroad.

llmlindz llmlindz

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Must visit this great country 


hannah.daavidson hannah.daavidson

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 I'm going to do an exchange of 2 months with a german gal and after that she's coming home with me for 2 months (basically what an exchange is!) I can't wait ;DD

The exchange was great I saw so much everything was great apart from mabye the bad weather we had especially the first month the second was better!

sagitta88 sagitta88

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Ever since I was a kid I wanted to go to Germany and a few other places (but I'll make different goals for them. 

lizzieash lizzieash

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I was sent here in the Air Force...didn't get to travel around Europe, but being mostly German, it was still cool to visit a country of my heritage!


The_Veronikaaa The_Veronikaaa

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- Speyer - Berlin 3x - Dresden 2x - Pirna - Nürnberg - Ulm  

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