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Frenchie Frenchie

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 Disney Land Paris :)

Sthiara Sthiara

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This was a brilliant experience , I loved every second of it !

leighlouisepope leighlouisepope

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Not as good as Florida but brings back memories 

christa.olivia christa.olivia

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Simply awesome.


Aryah Aryah

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Wonderful experience, but unfortunately It was a rainy day so we were a little bit sad. 

holding.jess holding.jess

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 One of the best days of my life, I even got to meet Mickey Mouse.

MamaRaven MamaRaven

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Fulfilled a dream when we won tickets for a 3 day stay at Disneyland Paris! 😍

aligarwood aligarwood

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 I spend a day solo traveling in Disneyland Paris, after a school trip.

ambergallagher94 ambergallagher94

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Went here for my holiday in June 2015 and it was the best holiday ever. I loved the hotel Sequoia Lodge, the theme park and the food. I couldn't fault any of it and I am dying to go back there. The best ride for me was the ratatouille ride. I cannot even express how much I loved it.

Mariaherself Mariaherself

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We went here for our honeymoon and it was amazing


chloedavies117 chloedavies117

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I went in 2006 with my mother for Halloween and it was brilliant. I went again in January last year (2013) with my school, even though I got lost for 2 hours it was brilliant, definitely worth the money and the trip! Favourite ride was space mountain and hotel tower of terror.

LifeIsForLiving LifeIsForLiving

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On a school trip with Thornton Grammar School.


AbiSamson AbiSamson

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Embrace your inner child and go to Disneyland. 

BlakeyHB BlakeyHB

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I was young but I've got loads of pictures and it was great 


georgyedancer georgyedancer

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It was amazing wish i could have stayed longer to go on more rides i will probably go back there one day. The fireworks are amazing


Mxxxxx Mxxxxx

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Been there! 

irenema91 irenema91

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I went twice and it was awesome. It is really a great place. :)


swarwar swarwar

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with my mom <3


dodgethecat dodgethecat

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I cannot describe how amazing Disneyland is! Music is played everywhere and everything is made out of pink plastic, it is truly the happiest place on earth! I have always desperately wanted to go to Disneyland ever since a young age and it fulfilled my expectations and more! Me and David were without a doubt the biggest kids in the park and ran around like absolute loons on loon pills. Nothing in the world could ruin Disneyland. Seeing the iconic fairytale castle upon entering the gates made me so happy! I made sure i went on every ride and fortunately the queues weren't too big. We discovered we had a mental age of 3 when we were in the queue for the Finding Nemo ride and the children behind us were getting fed up of our 'Mine, mine, mine' seagull impressions. I had the most amazing time in the world and i could not have chosen a better person to go with. 



Mary2274 Mary2274

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Lightning. Hail. Unforgettable. May 2015. 


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