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Even though it wasn't a big foam party like a wanted since the "party" was hosted for the festa major of my village, but it does count as one, right? Well most of the people there were small children and their parents. It was kind of funny because they would just sit down on the floor to pick up more foam but when you wanted to go closer to the front, this kid would suddenly pop out from in between the foam. I had troubles walking because I had a crutch in one hand and trying to not slip at the same time. The foam kept going into my eyes, even when I had my back turned. And I was all soapy and I really wanted a photo of my and my little sister but my older sister was working and afterwards she thought the party was over, when it wasn't. They had loud dance music in the background which I was the only person dancing to it. The only annoying thing was that the dude throwing the foam, every 15 minutes threw water at us. Ugh! But we just walked away quickly before that happened. Besides the adults, I was the only one not wearing a swim suit. Afterwards we walked home absolutely soaked. Luckily we brought a towel and since I was taking photos I was paranoid of getting my IPod Touch and phone wet, but luckily they didn't. 

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 Infront of the foam canon absolutely covered though my suede shoes were ruined.

DeeDee. DeeDee.

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It was really hot, but it was fun. I would do it again because I love foam lol. I went because my friends begged me to go and I ended up having so much fun however I was so hungry when we left.

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This was really neat.

In my younger days, me and the girls were at the bars every weekend, drinkin and dancin....

One weekend in 2009 at a bar called The Courthouse in Newmarket (one of our faves), they had a foam party and of course we couldn't miss this! All hammered up and dancing on the dancefloor, all of a sudden foam started pouring out of these machines and before you know it, the entire dance floor was ceiling high in foamy bubbles!! It was very different and not what I expected but very cool! You couldn't really see anything around you - it was like you were the only one there... surrounded by this foam... until you bump into someone of course. If you are clausterphobic you may not like it so much, and I don't think I was in the foam for very long because it gets stuffy all up in your face and gets kinda lonely since you can't even see your friends beside you... (I think they may have overdone it with the foam and it was only suppose to be a few feet off the floor, but I'm no expert)

It was years ago when I did this and I was probably wasted... so I don't remember it in exact detail, but definitely a different kind of experience - which I live for!

p.s. This photo isn't from when I went, I just found it on Google and this looks as close to my memory of it as I could find

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At the introductory week for my university course, there was a foam party which was so fun!!! I've never really been clubbing before so adding foam to that was amazing! 

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I didn't really enjoy it that much since the foam got in my face all the time, but we sure made some great memories! 

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In BCM, Magaluf, Spain.

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I went to a private school that had events in the beginning of fall semester and thats how I ended up being in a foam party

ashleybarrett77 ashleybarrett77

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my first lads holiday in magaluf one of biggest foam parties in Europe with thousand of people but one mistake was stand right under the machine a getting a face full of foam and eyes burning for half a hour.

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March - 2010

On my trip in Mexico we were few days in Acapulco. The spring break was going on at the same time, so lots of partying going on there. There was this one place which name I can't remember, but we were the only gringos there. Anyway, the party was awesome and there was this one part of the party, that the outside area of the club was covered in foam. And I don't mean like knee high, I mean 6-8 feet high of foam. I was soaking in it and it burnt my eyes so bad, that they were sore the day after.

One of the best partys I've ever been.



NakitaLoren NakitaLoren

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2007 went with Emily Wilson to vita for our 1st foam party...brilliant fun, tasted like washing up liquid though!

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I was 13, it was wet.

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When I went to Edinburgh with my friends after we finished school we went to a foam party in a gay bar.

All my clothes were ruined but it was great fun, I woud definitely attend another one but this time I would wear cheap/old clothes

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5883475457/in/photostream

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And helped save some fools life who thought it would be funny to get naked and dive in. It's foam guys not water! He hit his head on concrete and was unconscious.

lifeinthefastlane lifeinthefastlane

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Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to get soaked ...and smell like bubbles for a week. But all things considered, best party ever. raise the roof.

Jayy Jayy

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I went to Mexico one summer to visit my family and most of my uncles that live there are not much older than than I am. Since I was over they decide to sneak me into an 18+ older foam party. There were live cameras and people poppin' bottles evry where. It was a crazy party with people dancing and getting lost in the foam, not to mention the many people that slipped, haha.

seller seller

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I did this my senior year in high school and it was hilariously fun.

ADWallis ADWallis

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Awesome. Also, foam eats away at the adhesive on the bottom of walking casts, fyi. :)

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In Portugal with my friends during our summer vacation

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