Go to a floating lantern festival

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lhingan lhingan

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Floating Lantern Festival aka Loy Kratong or YeePeng Festival 

I've done this a several times in my life, uhm. 3? Yeah. 3. I've done it 3 times and it's always been exciting. Since I'm not Buddhism, the first time I've done it is when I was in grade 10. It was my first time, went out with my mom and my sister. My boyfriend at that time bought me the kratong, he made it himself but fuck it, we hate each other now. We [by we I mean my mom and my sister] did the floating lantern, the loy kratong and the fireworks too. I mean we did everything. Actually I don't really like going to it because it's so crowded but the floating lantern was worth to see. It's stunning. So beautiful. 

The last time I've did the floating lantern was in 2014, 6th November. It was Loy Kratong festival when people gathered up to do the floating lantern and the kratong. Lucky my college campus was in the northern part of Thailand where this festival originally from. It's feels so different doing it with the local people. But we didn't do the loy kratong part we only did the fireworks and watch other peoples doing floating lantern instead. It was good anyway, doing the fireworks with your best friends and your friends. It was us, Benz, Yo, Sun, the boy Yo likes which I forgot his name and me. We almost didn't make it on time because that day our dorm closes at 10:30pm but lucky I got a very kind dorm guard. 

ckrumm ckrumm

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Attended WaterFire KC on the Country Club Plaza in October 2015 with Jay and Susie Boster.  We Ubered to/from the event.  The Uber car had passengers when it arrived at pickup and they were traveling to Westport Bar area so we agreed to drop them off.  Ironically the passengers did not unload at Westport but the four of us did! Spent time checking out a new bar...Char Bar.  Spontaneous FUN!


Garfunkle92 Garfunkle92

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 Went to one with Scruffy in 2016. Gorgeous! Best thing ever.

Did another with Nick in 2017, I think.

Took Kyle and the boys to one in August 2018.

JG88 JG88

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Dream_maker Dream_maker

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most perfect moment of my life! everyone should experience this, its like you are acc in the movie tangled 

travel_with_nea travel_with_nea

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 The most beautiful thing!

redododiculous redododiculous

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I went to a floating lantern festival a few years ago in Vietnam. I lit one myself and it was a beautiful experience. I would love to do it again.


bethanc bethanc

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Crazeyace89 Crazeyace89

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Hiroshima Day at Willen Lake Milton Keynes, The monks from the local temple, Help place all the lanterns made by locals onto the lake and the sunsets. Absolutely beautiful.

nurrymcflurry nurrymcflurry

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In Pukhet - 2013 :)


Badabing Badabing

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Rise up lantern festival,boulder hills with friends and cousins


Kinajiko Kinajiko

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Went to the Lantern Festival in Paige, TX outside of Austin with some friends. It was crazy stupid fun and magical all at once. I danced with a little girl and felt like a princess .<3  


naomi.hilton1 naomi.hilton1

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 It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. So beautiful, so tranquil and so magical, all wrapped into one experience. Definitely reccomend it.

irusc1 irusc1

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Floating Lanterns in Japan

melissaluna27 melissaluna27

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Completed a floating lantern festival in August 2018 and in August 2019 a water lantern festival.

Sweetsutra Sweetsutra

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Did this in Laurelhurst park!


elkelorraine1 elkelorraine1

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Most beautiful experience of my life.

undeadkoala undeadkoala

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 This experience was so breathtakingly beautiful that I was moved to tears. 

jainagrace jainagrace

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I witnessed the lantern festival in Thailand. 

Rimchi Rimchi

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One or two years ago at the university at night, with Anass, Meryem, Jihane, Ibtissam. Amazing expériences, even though most of the lanterns didn't fly and Jihane lost her phone that day :l

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