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sunnystar sunnystar

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 Went to see Despicable Me 2 with Bethany at the Port Elmsley drive in near Perth.

aapokkets aapokkets

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GREAT TIME with the family!!!! Will be going back!!


kayleigh.smithers.5 kayleigh.smithers.5

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Alexandra Palace with Ben Cook to see The Theory of Everything :) 


madisonkinnard madisonkinnard

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 Contagion and Crazy, Stupid, Love with my college boyfriend!

liviapet liviapet

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 Awesome experience. It's very easy to see, and you tune in your radio to listen. It wasn't as expensive as real theaters and it was for 2 movies. I went with DJ from Feabie and it was pretty great

bilbaroo bilbaroo

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 A lovely treat in Florida, we saw Jungle Book 2 and Zootopia.

NicolMadalina NicolMadalina

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my boyfriend brought me to a drive-in movie on one of oir first dates. It was something new for me. In german it is called ''Autokino''


melissa.9 melissa.9

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Watched Black Widow at the Swan Drive-in in Blue Ridge, GA. It was fun and we will definitely go back. Next time, we will bring chairs and bug spray so we can sit outside on a beautiful night like tonight.

lovestrengh lovestrengh

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Went with a massive group of friends to a Drive In in oakville. The 20 of us  loaded up into all of the lifted trucks and raced there. We laid out chairs in the bed of the trucks and watched the three movies like a huge family.

Clarissa_hays Clarissa_hays

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It was really fun i went with my family but i think it would be a cute fun summer date!


PerfectStormWatch PerfectStormWatch

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I can't for the life of me remember what the movie was, but I remember the trip. I was just a little kid and we'd just moved to a new town. My parents suggested we go to the drive-in since it wasn't going to be open for much longer (it was only open for about a week afterwards). My brother and I got into our pj's and our parents let us sit in the front so we could see better :)

rifatmursalin rifatmursalin

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Watched The Amazing Spiderman at a drive-in theater.

krystalchill24_7 krystalchill24_7

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Summer 11' with Rachel Thayer in Winchester, VA. We saw Rise of the Planet Apes and Captain America.

tkemp5 tkemp5

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Really fun. Ate In-N-Out and went to the Mission Tiki Drive-In. Went with Robert and Shelby in his old beat up truck. We saw Jack Reacher and Skyfall for $7!



Chloeemay Chloeemay

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Valentines Day surprise with Craig :)


SarahSings SarahSings

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Done it before, but wasn't all too good.

amagness5010 amagness5010

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Summer of 1999

aligarwood aligarwood

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AliAnnieHannahJacobJessieJoshTailorWilliamStar TrekIron Man 2

laurenalana2012 laurenalana2012

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 I've been twice and I love the vibe and old timey feel of it

marianaterram marianaterram

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Pulp Fiction...with my friends. LOVED it

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