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kaleb.junker kaleb.junker

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I went skinny dipping with my girlfriend, Elizabeth Bright in her pond. Super cold and dangerous, but good to check off the bucketlist. 

bosselaj bosselaj

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Anything can happen after a wedding!!

miyamonet miyamonet

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This was one of my more scandalous moments. What started out as meeting a guy for Waffle House at 1:30 in the morning ended with us breaking into a pool at night and almost freezing our nipples off, even though it was the middle of August. It was just as exciting as I thought it would be and it felt like a scene from some cheesy, yet enthralling, teen movie. In between the making out, I floated to the middle of the pool and just stared at the sky. It was quiet and beautiful and perfect. Until it was time to get out, then I almost regretted jumping in in the first place. Almost. It was incredibly relaxing and very freeing. Be careful who you go with because the general romanticism associated with it just might be enough to make you catch feelings for someone you otherwise wouldn't care about. But it's still an amazing feeling. Highly recommended.

brittanybruh brittanybruh

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With Raven and Davey in the lake. So fucking cold it burnt, but it was fun as hell.

awc369 awc369

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Proper summertime fun.  

jcoronel jcoronel

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Nothing like the Isla Vista Beaches and your greatest friends to experience this. Not to mention the strangers you run into. Also! Not as cold as people think! (of course a little inebriation helps)

Charmical Charmical

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A fun night with friends at the Blaarmeersen lake ended up in some good ol' skinnydippin'!


Lynnemien Lynnemien

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Wilde dat al heel mijn leven doen, vorige zomer is het er dan van gekomen. Heel verfrissend op een hete dag ;)


TylerDurden TylerDurden

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This has always been something I wanted to do. On a recent trip into the mountains at Worchester, a friend and I went onto a hike into the mountains along the mountain river. Our ultimate destination was the waterfall at the end. We were exhausted after the three hour hike and decided that now was the time to give this a go.

Despite the location being quite remote, there was a fairly constant traffic of mountain bikers that kept on coming past. Whilst we were totally naked swimming in the pool, a couple on their bikes came past. They greeted us cheerfully and probably realised we were all naked under the water. They did not make a fuss though, and after the obligatory little chat, they went on their way. No doubt they were going to be back to do it themselves after we had left!

Here’s a picture of me doing my thing. Trying to keep all posts of me on the internet fairly clean, I decided to use a blurred image for the purpose of proving the tick mark.


See all my adventures at:


agudino1 agudino1

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definitely not as cold as we thought it would be! has to be done at least once! with friend and/or a partner! 


adorjan.illes adorjan.illes

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Just for fun I wanted to visit a nude beach and enjoy being in my natural outfit among other people.

I found one nudist beach on Costa Brava of Spain. At that time I was cycling home (Hungary) from Spain . This was the last section of my 4 years long cycling expedition.

(see my other bucket list points).

It was not easy to aproach that beach. Especialy because I was with a bicycle and lots of luggages. 

I had to grab many times my bike and lift her up in order to transport to the beach.

(all of my belongings were on my bicycle in bags).

After two hours of heavy struffling I arrived to the beach. I stopped and put my clothes down and went to swim and enjoy the absolute freedom.

Actually the situation was not similar to Baywatch beach where you only can see fitness models but some older and few younger girls and guys. 

I know that it is not allowed to take photos on these kind of places but I also knew that I want to publish a book about my bucketlists.

On the first picture you can see the distance from my camera towards the beach which is at the far end of the coast.

On the 2nd you can see my naked ass :) and also some other people.

On the 3rd pic you can see the beach from different angle and on the right there is my majestic bicycle.

I give 3 stars because it was just an ordinary beach experience. Along my journey I went many times to swim to Oceans, seas and rivers naked, however most of the time I was alone.

Since I am not prudish I was in relaxed mood on this beach. 

I might be try a huuuge skinny dipping next time. 

Anyway I had fun :) 

wumithepooh wumithepooh

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Kiwiburn 2k18 river

makeit.anyway makeit.anyway

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The first (and still only time) I ever went skinny dipping was also the night I first ever went pool hopping. I hopped the fence of a public pool in Bryon and we all quickly and shyly got maked and jumped into the pool. The water was a little cool seeing as it was night and there was no sun to warm us but we quickly got accustomed to the water. I basically felt like taking a giant bath... with a bunch of other scared teenaged girls. Of course no photos were taken to prove that we actually did this so you'll have to take my world for it. 

scooterpage scooterpage

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Senior trip baby! nothing quite like it

blindwordss blindwordss

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A really profound experience. Really releasing. Really cold.

Indy_ Indy_

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I've done this when I was a teenager once with friends one night in Aruba.

I definitely want to do it again!

xSharpcharm xSharpcharm

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Camping out with my Dad, we decided to go swimming in the middle of the night. Being pitch black, and without a swimsuit... yeah <3 Kinda fun, kinda scary, since there were fish that kept like... sucking on my toes and stuff.

trogerson trogerson

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I will do this again in the sea but i did complete this in my local beck in the Uk whilst incredibly drunk, but i have completed it however so it is ticked off my list

rcooper rcooper

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Shelbys house. SO MUCH FUN!

shonywill shonywill

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Lake Powell "Shaving" in the lake, with Sam, Celeste, and Katie.

"Drum roll please"

"they feel like basketballs"

"I feel so free!"

"don't look i'm getting naked!"

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