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Lisa94 Lisa94

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It took place in Korea during the winter, and it hurts. Even with a huge bruise on my butt, I had no regrets! =)

sanchit.khera sanchit.khera

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 Went to skiing and snowboarding in Hakuba, Nagano. Did it for the first time. Fell a lot many times. :P

reese369369 reese369369

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I went Skiing for the first time with my now husband and his family during Christmas.  It was my first time in Switzerland (and Europe for that matter).  We actually went skiing a few times on that trip, and I did really well - I attributed that to my dance training.  However, on the very last day of skiing, my then boyfriend decided to take me to the summit of the mountain.  It was really windy, I couldn't see, and my hands were frozen.  I gave him my skiing poles (a big mistake that I wasn't aware of).  We started skiing and the next thing I knew I was plowing down the side of the mountain, afraid that I might take someone out and end any hope I had for a dance career.  Luckily only my pride got injured that day.  We'll see how it goes this December!

mithani mithani

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I fell a few times but it was fun!

silverywhite silverywhite

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Ski day lesson @ Teine, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

juanpi.rabuco juanpi.rabuco

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Went skiing and tought my girlfriend how to snowboard, she handle ir pretty well. 


MarieFromBelgium MarieFromBelgium

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I went again to terneuzen Skidome, with my sister and parents... But this time for skiing. Together with my parents we took lesson for 2 hours. I like this more then snowboarding :)

gysvanbrussel gysvanbrussel

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 Good times !

tomtom.roklion tomtom.roklion

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Have been in Vancouver for 6+ years, and 1st time skiing! Cannot imagine what I've done in the last few years winter!

WAldridge WAldridge

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Went skiing on Christmas day 2014

maria.rivera.7712 maria.rivera.7712

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Took the weekend to road trip with Hieu Pham's family. Went to Atlanta, GA for a day and then to Bowling Rock, NC to ski at the Appalachian Resort. After they blew like of the snow the night before, the resort finally opened up for the public for the new season. Had a bit of trouble at first but finally got carving down after a few hours. The evening run was awesome and got a video skiing with Hieu on our last run of the night. 


laraverleyen laraverleyen

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I go skiing every year! Loving it!


katy.matthews3 katy.matthews3

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To go skiing because I have never been on a Winter holiday and these seem to be the main ones

Went for Christmas 2018 with my family and boyfriend - enjoyed the nursery slopes but lots to practice

tara_says_hi tara_says_hi

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Ski Trip in Austria. Though a beginner I learnt fast and in no time was doing black slopes and sung and yodeled down them as I went. Amazing time I will go skiing again someday.

kelsey.munday.14 kelsey.munday.14

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Went with Valley Park in February half term. Lowest group set, always falling over. Best hot chocolate. 

crbradley crbradley

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Went skiing with a group of 20 people.

CharlotteRushton CharlotteRushton

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In February 2015, I went skiing to Foppolo, Italy with my year group at school. We had an extraordinary time - although at some points it was incredibly stressful, scary and even painful, it was so fun and a fantastic experience! On my last day, we went twice on a 'black' slope and I didn't fall over once! 

sammay37 sammay37

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i went skiing with marissa p. and her father in vermont. we took lessons all day and stayed on the bunny slopes. when i finished one hill during the lesson i saw someone shoot by out of the corner of my eye and go through the safety fence, i turned back up the hill to shout to marissa to ask if she saw that fool go through the fence but then realized it was her. she got her polls taken away and i ditched mine too. i demanded to go on the ski lift at least once before the day ended so as the last run we went up the easiest type of mountain. we ended up in the middle seats of a four person lift and while we got on easy enough we realized we didn't know how to get off so we asked the two guys at our sides and they were grumpy and didn't help us so when we finally went to get off we both stumbled off flailing our arms and legs for balance and pushed both guys over. we started down the hill and thought it was ok, till we saw the drop off where it actually got steep and hillish. i started off ok until the trail had a fork and i turned back to ask marissa which way to go and she was gone. i ended up crashing at the fork and couldn't figure out how to get my ski back on. i tried every way for like 15 minutes til marissa finally showed up and was horrified as i was sitting in snow covered in blood as i didn't notice when i wiped out i cut my knee kinda bad. she helped me get my ski back on and i made it down the mountain. i turned around to talk to her again to see her still on the hill, fallen again and a good skier shuffling over sideways to help cause he felt bad. we sucked at skiing but it was a very fun time. :)  

lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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My family rented a house in Jindabyne, it was massive and amazing! We went skiing in Perisher, it was my first time that I've skiied and stepped in snow. My face was basically frozen. We got into the rhythm of it after an hour. I was too scared to go to the to the top mountain at the time, I wasn't the best skier. It was so much fun, I wanna go again!


Basje Basje

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Just for the fun.


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