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japitcher japitcher

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Went in South Africa 

jbjellybean jbjellybean

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I have had the opportunity to go on safari in the Kruger Park in South Africa, and in Botswana.  Going on Safari is one of the most incredible experiences you can have, I would love to be a game ranger and go on safari every day!

bethanyellis273 bethanyellis273

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 A safari /səˈfɑːri/ (Swahili: safari) is an overland journey, usually a trip by tourists in Africa. In the past, the trip was often a big-game hunt, but today, safaris are often to observe and photograph wildlife—or hiking and sightseeing, as well.

Dafog Dafog

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 In 2012 we went to Botswana to cross the Kalahari, fly in Okavango River Delta and visit Moremi and Chobe River NP. We did it with group of friends of 6 and 2 Landcruiser Defender. Unique experience! 

melissawilliamsm melissawilliamsm

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alexysblexys alexysblexys

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so amazing 

CourtneyWilkinson CourtneyWilkinson

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Kenya - Masai Mara


yomakonnen yomakonnen

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I have done many Safairs having lived and traveled in Various countries in Africa. Almost every holiday is a safari followed by a nice relaxing camp out in a park or lode in the middle of the woods. Safari's are great opportunities for photography (which i am passionate about) learning about new animals, freeing your mind and generally having a great experience and time with friends and family. I have seen almost everything at a safari from Lions and cheetahs to wharthogs and wild boars


emmaroemer emmaroemer

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 Great experience!

monkeyleader monkeyleader

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Twas Epic !!! 

Shellmell Shellmell

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I've been on many! I was born in South Africa and go back regularly, so I've had a lot of chances. Actually, I'll be going again later this year.

It's an incredible experience, and something I think everyone should do.

k22139 k22139

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Did Safari in Tanzania

nikkidonnamarie nikkidonnamarie

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Went on a min-safar on Safari West in Napa. It wasn't the best day to go coz it was raining and cold, but we saw a lot of animals and was a fun experience!



Ashums Ashums

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I went to Little Governor's Camp in Africa on Safari with my family in the Summer of 2011.

Literally the best experience of my life and I am dying to go back

My little sister and I were crying when we left, seeing the animals in their natural place was amazing

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