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lanlawmaza lanlawmaza

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Nevada to Arizona!

fedakkia fedakkia

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i went from rome to pargue and budapest by car 

jelka jelka

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with mah sister <3


JessicaElizabeth JessicaElizabeth

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We drove through the winding roads of Scotland. The isolation in the mountains was amazing. We were completely surrounded by rugged landscapes, with clouds hanging low concealing the peaks. By nightfall, we were seeing so much wildlife. Deer and their calves, a badger, rabbits, field mice, and a hedgehog!

ynadeluna ynadeluna

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After ng debut ni Kim, nagdecide kaming magkaron ng sariling after-party. We had no idea kung saan pwede pumunta since it's around 11pm so nag roadtrip na lang kami and we ended up sa parang bar ng Giligan's.

AncientWolf AncientWolf

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we went out west and saw Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Mesa Verde, and the Badlands!  


Ctoote Ctoote

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 An experience I will just never forget. The friends, the time, the sights, the food... all just glorious. I am so happy I decided to do this because this will by far be one of the best experiences my life will ever have to offer. If you are contemplating a road trip with friends, stop contemplating and just do it. (Well, especially if it's on the coast of California!) 

I flew into LA, California and we drove from there to Seattle, stopping along the coast numerous times, Portland, Santa Barbara, Ventura City, Big Sur, San Francisco (by far my favorite city now), Golden Gate Bridge, Mere Woods and so much more. 

So so incredible and so many beautifull and unforgettable memories :). 

Valkilik Valkilik

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After being discharged from the U.S. Army, my family and I went on a long trip to our final destination of Rapid City, SD. We went to Phoenix, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Denver and finally Rapid City. It was a long trip but it was an amazing experience. One that hopefully we can do again.

marydelta marydelta

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 I've driven to AK and back twice and across the USA a couple of times and I highly recommend it! 

Csilla Csilla

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Went around Puerto Rico. Left San Juan to Ponce, then Salinas where I went to see the bioluminescent bay, next day headed to Guanica, spent a day on Guilligan island snorkling and jumping off of trees, next day towards the west coast to San Sebastian standing under waterfalls and back to San Juan the next day. 

emilypetersona emilypetersona

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 Drove from San Francisco, CA to Portland, OR along Route 1 with family. Was a remarkable experience, most breathtaking drive I've ever been on. Would definitely recommend/do again.

nickscho nickscho

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mfrouhar mfrouhar

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Nyc Toronto with ana Boston with mum

Illumminata Illumminata

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Road trip to West Virgina, USA through the Appalacian Mountains on Old Route 50.  America is lush and verdant, and so amazing to explore. We stopped at an old gas station where we got full service from an antique gas pump.  Rding on the two way roads on the side of the mountains while an 18 wheeler is heading your way as dusk falls is an experiance you will never forget.  We stopped at this place Allegheny Treenware where they hand make all sorts of stuff out of the local lumber as they were made way back in the day. I got a set of beautiful kitchen utensiles and a cutting board which have worn well over the years. You can watch them make something for you and they even had an out house...it was quaint and I so enjoyed myself.

heyimhol heyimhol

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I've been on plenty with my family and some friends but I would like to go on them with just my friends and no parents.


ffelix ffelix

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 Bought an Aston Martin in Dallas, drove it home to Truckee.

haley.duong haley.duong

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Summer of 2014, J and I drove 33 hours from Houston to Portland, ME. 


stinelise stinelise

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drknz drknz

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guitargibbets guitargibbets

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Many road trips across the United States, Saudi Arabia and throughout Europe.


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