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When I was younger I spent a lot of time with my Grandma as she lived nearby and we usually spent weekends together as she would babysit me. In the Summer we would usually go out during the day and evening with a park being just up the road from me and the River Dee a 10 minute walk away. We had picnics a couple of times up in the park near mine where she would pack all sweets and treats like slices of pizza, crisps, grapes, yogurt and biscuits.


When I moved to Spain, we would come back for holidays in the UK to see our family and friends and as a break which was really nice and usually on the holidays back to the UK, I would spend a few nights at my Grandma's and we would usually go on days out to Chester with one occasion when we went to Chester Zoo and took a picnic with us which we ate in the gardens which had the same delicious foods. Having picnics has made a lot of great memories for me and are low cost but a lot of fun.

KSlate2012 KSlate2012

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 I loved eating outside, and watching the ducks while we ate.

Beckollette Beckollette

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Perfect day at Brown's Island =)

lyzzi lyzzi

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Last one I went on was with my ex. EW.  

Now I went with a friend from college. It was pleasant and we ate too much. Very enjoyable. <3

here4thecupcakes here4thecupcakes

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me and my sisters where in a local park and we went home and we got food, games. 

Senko Senko

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Xim's birthday 2012

xshauniix xshauniix

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We went on a picnic for my 18th Birthday. It was really warm and sunny. Such a lovely afternoon!


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