Go on a hot air balloon ride

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_sarahbellum_ _sarahbellum_

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Almost passed out going up, this didn't help my fear of heights but was an unforgettable experience.

bucketlistegypt bucketlistegypt

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I took a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt. Unforgettable.


trishfish trishfish

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shwetha_suredin shwetha_suredin

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20th Birthday Present 

stanshall stanshall

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I booked tickets for a hot air balloon flight for my mum ages ago, but it took us several attempts at booking before we finally went. (Flights are often canceled due to weather- if it's too bad OR too good it can cause problems!) We launched from the middle of a field in Essex and had some beautiful views of the English countryside, lots of farms, trees, crops, occasional villages. I expected it to be somewhat scary, being up so high in just a basket, but it wasn't in the least. It was actually pretty relaxing, and the views below almost didn't feel real! Would definitely recommend!

JJandGra JJandGra

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OVer Paris! 

champagne_and_shots champagne_and_shots

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I got this as a birthday present from my parents when I was 12 or 13. My Auntie Jen had been given a hot air balloon ride as a present for her 40th and they thought it would be nice if she had someone to go with so that was me!

We all went to Bewl Water in Kent which was the take off site. It took ages for the balloon to be inflated as it was so huge.

When you are up in the air even though you are so high up, it is so quiet I could hear a dog barking and could even hear a garden gate closing. We were up for about an hour and the desent into a quite narrow field was quite scary actually having to take the "brace" position incase the basket tipped over. All was ok though and in the field we got a glass of bucks fizz and a certificate. It was a fabulous experience that I would definitely recommend to do once, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to do it again

jthoms3 jthoms3

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 I went in a hot air balloon with my sister, brother-in-law and dad. It was quite the experience! 

Jklassen Jklassen

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I booked a hot air balloon ride for my wife's 35th birthday. We did a sunrise flight in Temecula through "California Dreamin" hot air balloon tours at the Vindemia Winery. It was a great experience, but we started to get bored after about a half hour of floating in one place.


drpepperapril drpepperapril

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Rode in a hot air balloon, with the gondola touching the Rio Grande, at the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival.

mariie.maes.1 mariie.maes.1

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Kenia, complete with breakfast in the plains afterwards :)


craig.broadbent craig.broadbent

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Did this for my 50th birthday with the family. Quite amazing experience - wonderful just floating above the globe!


TamirGolan7 TamirGolan7

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2010 ♥ 

julie.florey julie.florey

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Another prize from my eagle radio win, Richie and I went on a hot air balloon ride, from Basingstoke to dogmersfield



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