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On the 20th of March 2015 my girlfriend Taryn Malootian and I went dogsledding in Windsor, Vermont as part of our year anniversary vacation (dating). There were 11 adorable huskies on our sleigh; Anakin, Ace, Blaze, Aspen, Faith, Talka, Phoebe and I can't remember the rest (sorry guys!!). I even got to drive the sled as well as sit as a passenger. This was definitely an unforgettable experience.  



modonnel83 modonnel83

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During the Quebec Winter Carnival 2011.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6648918775/

saracmd saracmd

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I surprised my husband for his 30th birthday with a trip to Mont-Tremblant, and dog sledding. It was MUCH more scary than I had expected! YIKES!!   Thos dogs are fast and listen to no one!! We almost crashed with another seld a few times, and nearly fell in a nearby river because the dogs wanted to pass another sled. So scary! But... Very exciting! It stressed me out wuite a bit so I may not do it again (at least not with those dogs... I suspect they were hybrids) 

ElizaMarie1985 ElizaMarie1985

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Chocolatethunda Chocolatethunda

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Winter of 2010 with Daniel O'Connor, i went in Quebec cuz #YOLO

halliday halliday

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Dogsledding with some of my best friends will be one of my best memories of my time with them. Although I was skeptical at first I loved the dogs and the experience. I will never forget my experience and what I learned. Out of all the groups, ours was one of the few who memorized all 38 of their dogs names and could tell them by their appearence. We also knew all the personalities. I will never forget our puppy Ted, one of our biggest dog at only 11 months old that still had a high crying voice that changed to his funny low bark. Mocho, my first lead will also be one of my best memories along with Friar, who was Ted's grampa as well as an amazing and cute boy.

Annsofielegind Annsofielegind

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Been there Done that. Love it, live for it. Hundspann.se

djr8 djr8

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 Did this in Canada in 2007.

jeanettejohansen jeanettejohansen

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Up in Greenland. 


ActivelyGlorify ActivelyGlorify

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I love puppies!  I love sledding!  Marriage made in heaven.


20 plus miles out...

winter camped

20 plus miles back in... lost our guide... had to Bear Grylls it for a while.  Awesome!



Brynster Brynster

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At the Cairngorns for our 10th Wedding Anniversary





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