Go cliff diving

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JGartner JGartner

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laraverleyen laraverleyen

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 Did it on my Mexico - trip... not very high, but still :-)

iamabobo iamabobo

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Wasn't a true cliff but it was high up. I'd say 30 plus feet. I actually had a broken foot and had to climb up myself. The beer helped my courage and the pain :)

LuminariumNightmare LuminariumNightmare

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This past summer I went cliff-diving at Dixon Dam, Alberta. Yes, it's an actual dam. On one side there is the dam, and the other contains a beach and cliffs to dive off of. The water is so deep there that you would have no worries about hitting the bottom. Only dead bodies down there. Just kidding. Anyways, you can also go boating and tubing on this lake-type thing.

Ayesevenex Ayesevenex

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Mariah & I 8/13/12

cmkinnet cmkinnet

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There have been many times that I have gone cliff diving... mostly at the Pueblo Reservoir.  The biggest one was 50 feet.  needless to say, it was exhilarating.

lexiluu5 lexiluu5

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This just might have been one of the craziest things I have ever done. My mom and step dad are always trying to get me and my friends to go on hikes with them and we are never interested. Well, one day they told us that there was a trail we could hike that had a cliff at the top that people would go cliff diving off of. We decided we wanted to give it a try. When we got to the top of the hill it was already a little nip and we didn't realize just how cold the water was. Well, before we could jump we can to climb to the top of the cliff which was probably more dangerous than the jumping itself considering we had no harness..nothing, we were on our own. One slip up and we would have fallen and most likely died. By the time I got to the top I already had cuts on my legs and feet, but I ignored them. I must have gotton an adreniline rush, becuase once I got up there I didn't even hesitate...I just jumped. The water was so cold that I started hyper ventilating and I hit the water so hard that my nose started to bleed (my first nose bleed ever) and to top it off I hit a rock and messed up my knee. Despite all of this is was amazing. I tried to do it a second time that day, but oddly enough I chickened out. Alexis never did jump and I was in a lot of pain, but I would reccomend it to anyone...it was quite the rush  :)

P.S I was 13 at the time


gracie11 gracie11

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Hawaii. Mammoth. Summer of 2011.

tippieje tippieje

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Did this in Africa!

Rashika Rashika

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There was this cliff diving area in the middle of our rafting route. So we all climbed the hill and flung ourselves off that cliff!!! I did it 3 times, never had so much fun!!

annaserafico annaserafico

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Cliff Diving in Pangasinan Philippines

with IBM Friends

meredithwhite meredithwhite

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Jumped off 20 foot cliffs with Kayla in Tennessee.


hayleybell hayleybell

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I've done it twice.


PuddingStaahs PuddingStaahs

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went cliff diving with Jenna at Sherkston

jacob237 jacob237

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Describe your experience. Your story will inspire others.

farawaybay farawaybay

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Because what can be more exciting than jumping off a cliff?

And I may have only jumped off the 5m cliff but trust me, I have never felt my life flash by like when I was mid-air.

eaabel eaabel

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At my cousin's cabin in Kentucky, there are amazing cliffs to jump off of into the lake. It scares me every time that I may dive in and hit a submerged plateau or something... Anyway, this is done :)

ariellap ariellap

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Drove to the Monroe Rock Quarry which is technically trespassing. The water was so clear and very deep. It was a good time, we brought a waterproof speaker and some go pros and went for a while. Ran into some scuba divers right before we left who said they found a body there the week before though.  

jdeares jdeares

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