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Pickles Pickles

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I love camping, I just dont do enough of it. These are photos from the last time we went out bush. Only problem was it was terribly cold. We camped in the Great Dividing Range in NSW and it was  minus 6 deg C over night, too bloody cold for me. We had a massive fire burning 24 hours a day, but the spot was so awesome right next to a creek, which froze over at night. Great fun, but i wish to go in Summer next time.


TianaM TianaM

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My family and I go every year for a week (some of them stay for 2 weeks). About 40-50 family members come throughout the week at Fish Creek Ponds campground. We aim to get 12 campsites in a row and relax the entire week !  

kirstenholmes98 kirstenholmes98

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 I've ben camping a number of times; with family, friends and even people I've never met until that day. It's so much fun setting up the tent with your friends, especially when no one knows what they're doing. It's also fun to go collect wood to set up a camp fire and maybe set up a bbq. It's such a cheap way to have fun with friends in the summer.

GoJenny7 GoJenny7

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Okay, so I have been camping many times. It is on my bucket list - like many other things - because it is something that I had to do in my life time. If I had never gone camping, I'd be missing out.

This was my most recent camping trip, and a very memorable one at that. It was for my friends birthday, and we spent a couple night on our site, right beside the water.

brought our big food tent and mini bbq thingys, with tons of wikkid food.

There's a few people missing from the picture, there was about 15 or so of us.

Had a great bonfire with music playing from a car. Had little dogs running around.

We brought our hardcore blow up boat and tied a bunch of little blow up boats to it (one was a bar boat - consisting only of ice and booze) and a bunch of people latched on, lazily floating around in the lake. That was awesome.

We partied hard that night and there are many great photos and videos to prove it.

Good times were had.

Smiz Smiz

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 Loved going camping. A nice way to reconnect with nature and forget about the world

MamaRaven MamaRaven

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Finally went camping properly for the first time ever (something I've wanted to do since childhood)! We spent 2 nights camping in Nottingham for the UK Vegan Campout festival :) The weather was beautiful, and we had the perfect spot to pitch our tent - under some trees, just a few metres from the children's play area (which my son loved!), and not too far from the facilities. The festival itself wasn't spectacular, though we did get to try some great vegan food and enjoy dancing away in the music tent at night :) The best part was getting to spend a few days living outdoors with my nature-loving 3 year old, and seeing how happy that made him (he told me he wanted to live there! 😂). We'll definitely be camping again sometime ❤

Junebelle14 Junebelle14

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 I have gone camping every year (except one when I went to London) since I was 6 weeks old. I go with my neighborhood, and we have had over 50 people before. We go to Lake George and camp on an island for week. Each family has their own site for their tents and their things, and there is one large mess tent where everyone congregates and spends most of their time, make meals together, play cards and games, and swim a lot. It is the best experience and everyone should camp for real at least once in their lives.

Kat140615xx Kat140615xx

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 27/08/2015 - Me and My partner Traveled to south Wales for a camping trip for 4 days for his 25th birthday, We saw watched a sunset on a mountain, words cannot describe the feeling and emotion we both seeing that just us = Sunset and on top of a mountain.  The camping was little tough it rained a lot, It was freezing and i was poorly, but we saw mountains, Had a our own first BBQ, Ate some nice foods, Went underground in the mines and what an incredible experience that was to see how the miners use to work in the dark etc. We saw Barry island where Gavin and Stacey is filmed, We saw sunsets, and waterfalls and beautiful sights. Lovely experience - the Cold.

poodlepeppapot poodlepeppapot

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 Duke of Edinburgh bronze expedition and practise expedition

irenka.orlyuk irenka.orlyuk

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VDelphine VDelphine

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I've for more then 10 years into a youth movement. We went camping every summer, sometimes in Belgium and sometimes in a onther country. Loved being so united with nature, being away from the city, away from all the stress. Just being in a happy place for 2 weeks.


rosag317 rosag317

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it was so much fun. took a road trip with my friends and spend 2 nights out in the wild.

reese369369 reese369369

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If you haven't read my post about visiting France, I suggest you check it out...  :)

So, my first camping experience was in the Provence - not exactly my idea of camping.  That's because, on American television there's always this idea of camping taking place in the wilderness with campfires and S'mores or whatever.  This was more like Glamping, or maybe a cross between camping and glamping.  

The one thing that did fit my idea was the fact that we slept in a tent.  But Jens' parents slept in a caravan, fully equipped with silverware and dishes, an electric stove, and mattresses.  There was a bathroom on the premises where we could wash dishes and shower.  Nonetheless, it was really nice and of course the food was great!

Greeneyed_Katxx Greeneyed_Katxx

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Really enjoyed going camping it was different, Did i like the rain and coldness at night no, But the views made up for it. 


Adheena Adheena

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The was the first time I actually stayed in tent. I went there with my Salesforce team. The camp fire, tent and late night stay at zip lining building everything was fun.

Grants66 Grants66

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Went camping with my son, sister and great niece. Great fun but it rained 80% of the time heavily


workoutwithdi workoutwithdi

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 We used to go all the time back in the UK.

Loaned the tent from Bobs sister

Rachel Kayla Rachel Kayla

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06.08.18 - 14.08.18. Sziget Festival in Budapest. 8 nights of camping with a tent, a sleeping bag and jackets as pillows. It was basic and rough but glad to have done it!

lferrara lferrara

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i am campingggggg

jeskarichards jeskarichards

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 I love camping. I am hoping to go camping in Kipahulu/Hana again this year. 

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