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makeit.anyway makeit.anyway

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First time blood donor just a week after I turned 17! 

Yar Yar

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 They gave me a dog bone to hold lol felt a bit dizzy afterwards! Glad Iv done it!

AdzFlowers AdzFlowers

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Another bucket-list item bites the dust! Remember that if you're in the UK and wish to donate, you can sign up here:

As somebody who rather dislikes needles, I can safely assure you that it's not that painful (a small prick and dull ache) and it's over within ten minutes. You'll leave knowing you've saved a life, and you also get free buscits and juice too! 

realnkosi realnkosi

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Ive given blood for the 10th time now and im only 19. I fainted the first time but that didnt change the way i felt about the experience. Im Zimbabwe you get some incentives after you reach a milestone. At 2 donations you get a pen, at 5 a keyholder, at 8 a red bottle and at 10 a sun hat. I just got my sun hat and at some point i received the previously mentioned. I will donate blood possibly until i die or am no longer fit too, maybe due to old age. Its a very good way of helping people in my opinion. :)

Laurenk Laurenk

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my goal was to end my fear of needles, but instead I passed out.....oh well I supposedly saved three lives.


AbeeyKat AbeeyKat

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 30/06/14 Gave blood for the first time. It took three nurses and them changing arms twice but it happened <3 Proud!!

extraterrastrial extraterrastrial

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They really get you with them sandwiches and mini Gatorades afterwards. There'll be no fainting on these phlebotomist's watches. Also I watched the needle go in the first time and I was okay but I haven't done it again since, if that means anything.

MicVicMoo MicVicMoo

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Basically, I hate needles. I do however, hate the idea of someone dying because I'm too cowardly to face my fear even more. So, since I was 17, I've been donating blood. It's not as scary as it seems, just make sure to drink plenty of water before and after! I've left feeling more than a little dizzy when I haven't drank enough before.

NicoleAdrianFernandez NicoleAdrianFernandez

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I've always feared needles but I faced my fear, gave blood and it was such an amazing experience. I will definitely do it again!

Scoobs890 Scoobs890

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mick85 mick85

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I was never the biggest fan of needles, but two of my friends were going to give blood and I was roped into going along as well.

When we got there, one friend had too much alcohol in his system and as such couldn't donate. With the other friend, the nurses couldn't find a vein!! So despite my protests over not wanting to go, out of the 3 of us, I was the only one to actually donate on the day.


I believe everybody capable should donate, although I believe they should donate because they 'want' to as opposed, to it becoming compulsory

Emmylou Emmylou

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Doing this is more than just a civic duty, this will be overcoming a HUGE fear. I am terrified of giving blood (not needles, just the vein thing) TERRIFIED. I'm quaking just thinking about it.

But on Tuesday the 2nd Nov I'm going to go and do it.

Here is the website if you are up for the challenge:


Edit: Completed 02/11/10


Write Up: As you can see from the above, this experience filled me with intense terror. I'm not scared of needles, or blood, but I have very small veins and have had a few horrific experiences at blood tests.

But in the UK only 5 people out of every 100 people eligible for donation actually donate. I'm eligible, so I signed up and decided to put this fear to bed once and for all.

So I went along today with my mum for moral support to our local Masonic Hall which I had only been to once, for a wedding reception. Naturally it was odd to see the room I had last danced the Time Warp in turned into what looked like a mini hospital swarming with nurses and donors.

After the health check I was assigned a nurse (most people don't need them but my vein issue made things trickier) and he and a carer both sat with me to try and figure out which arm was least bad and get me settled.

This is me before donation, looking terrified... (warning: not a flattering picture)


After that it was pretty easy - though about ten times more of a production than it is for most people. I'm not scared of needles, and once it was in it wasn't so bad. The carer kept having to call the nurse back to adjust the needle as my blood slowed down.

Sadly that had to stop at half a pint because I apparantly went white as a sheet, but after a few minutes I was able to sit up and I felt fine. I'm a little sad I couldn't donate a whole pint, but I've booked another session in April and that time I'll hopefully be able to give more.



Lanalyn Lanalyn

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I did this in 2000 or 2001. It was the first time I gave blood, I nearly passed out, and it was the last time I was allowed to give blood. Not because of the light headedness, but because all the rules for who could give blood changed after 9/11. Even though the Army had taken many blood tests and checked me out, I was still eliminated from being able to donate.

jdeares jdeares

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livelifehigh96 livelifehigh96

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I gave blood last school year 2011-2012 but almost passed out from

Hannahjoyr Hannahjoyr

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I saved two lives with my donation :)

poison4_themind poison4_themind

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If it might save a life why not? 

It's definitely worth it.



xshauniix xshauniix

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I tried to give blood October 2013 but I had stubborn little veins and they weren't able to collect enough blood. But I tried again 23/7/14 and successfully donated!


oafish oafish

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School blood drive.

500 mls.

Not super pleasant! But I'm glad I can help somebody.

Nice bruise to remember it by, too.

spray190 spray190

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well i faced down my fear of needles and registered, booked in and went down to the blood donation thing. But damn that was a bid needle lol

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