Get my nose pierced

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ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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This was my most painful piercing so far. It felt like a pinch and my eyes watered up for a bit. I love it so much though! 



drshelution drshelution

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 I always thought I had the right shape nose to get pierced.  In February I took my niece for  her 18 birthday. It sparked an old desire to within me. I got a fake magnetic nose ring but it wasn't the same.  Today 9/9/16 I did it.

erinkaitlyn96 erinkaitlyn96

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it didn't really hurt till after but i wanted it for years

serran84 serran84

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 This was another strange experience. I went to a "piercing party" I'd never heard of such a thing. Then again, we were living in Germany at the time. I had always wanted to pierce my nose, but never the motivation to actually go do it. I was there, already, so I figured, what the heck! It wasn't bad at all. 

j-ioane j-ioane

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Pierced it! haha


Schaferey Schaferey

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October 22, 2014. Finally got it done!!! Only $30 at Eternal Images and Ed was my piercer. Such a nice day!!!

iamcharliie iamcharliie

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I got my nose pierced when I turned 18 (well actually it was on my dads birthday but it was only 6 days after) and I remember swearing when I had it done and the guy told me off because there were kids in the waiting room. I still have it now and I love it.


DarcyDavies98 DarcyDavies98

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Last September I decided to get my nose pierced as I already had my lip pierced which was a labret. I was told by a lot of people that my nose would hurt when pierced and how my eyes would water like mad but it didn't hurt at all compared to what my lip was like and was over within 5 seconds. I felt no pain through it and my eye barely watered so I'm pretty happy. It didn't take a lot of caring for which I'm happy about and I love my nose piercing now. I have a ring in rather than a stud now and I took my lip piercing out. 

Nico19 Nico19

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 I had this done twice in my teens, wondering if it is time again!

sarahpalmatory sarahpalmatory

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 Been wanting to get my nose pierced since I was 13, but money was always tied up in other things. Finally, got mine done at 26. Hurt a little, but so worth it!

VThana VThana

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Went with my sister, watched her get hers done first, almost freaked out. :P 

EmilyWalker EmilyWalker

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Got this done june last year!! Was fantastic :)

missatomicbomb missatomicbomb

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Third time lucky (I hope): done with Serena at Blue Banana.

missripley missripley

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this is me on the left when im 16 with my nose pierced[email protected]/8455695702/in/photostream/

doccycle doccycle

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Man, it hurt like crazy.  I had no idea it would be that bad.

bratterz_xoxo bratterz_xoxo

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Next year, (2014) at some point I want to have it done. I've always really liked them and I think it'd probably look really nice. 


I love it so much! So glad I went and got it done! :D 

The_Veronikaaa The_Veronikaaa

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July 2011 - September 2011 

rochene rochene

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Surprised myself by making the spontaneous decision to get it done. I was absolutely petrified but powered through and got it done. 

emmermr emmermr

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I had to take it back out...going to try the other side


hopepensiero hopepensiero

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 terrifying/nerve racking

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