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Calieurovibe7 Calieurovibe7

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I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice in December of 2008!! Proud!

annkardos annkardos

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<3 I did it!!!!!!!!! <3 

rgoodman91 rgoodman91

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I went ahead and got two. Richard Goodman, B.A. (Psych), B.S. (Biology)


Nmnchicago Nmnchicago

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Bachelor of Arts, Psychology at UIC. Graduated with honors - Cum Laude. It wasn't easy, but I am so glad I finished it.   

Nothing.nothing Nothing.nothing

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Lithiar Lithiar

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That's it! I guess you could call it the first step in my professional carrier. If I can add something it was a step made of tears, sweat and even blood! At times I thinkg that if I had written every exam, or paper, or assignment in blood it would have required a smaller effort!

But then again, that's what you get when you jump into something without knowing what in the world you're doing. That's what I've done when I enrolled for the course. The only thing I knew was that it was taught entirely in English. It was the first year something like that was done in Italy. The day I took the test to gain admission there were so many people! The places left were 5 or 6... I never thought I would have made it! I remember looking at the sky in Rome thinking: "It's been a nice trip but I won't see you again!". 24 hours later it turns out I would spend the following three years of my life under that sky! Yes, one of those cases where the beginning was sweeter than the end. The end has been quite plain though, I can't yet appreciate the change. Probably because it's December and we haven't had our graduation day yet...

But it doesn't matter. I made it, against all odds, after all the difficulties. I made it and I grew up into a better person than I was three years ago. And that's really the thing I'm most proud of!

MelinaDenys MelinaDenys

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mention assez bien 

qieron_bowie qieron_bowie

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I finally received my bachelors degree on 5/14/17 (Mothers day). It was a very nice day. I was able to give my mother, grandmother and godmother a Mother's Day gift of me walking across the stage with college honors!!! It was a very exciting day and prepared me for the next step in my educational journey. 


rellerelle rellerelle

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 Got it December 2012 in experimental psychology :)

seller seller

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Ever the over achiever, I got two--English and PR. Being a high school drop out and a first generation college graduate, I knew that one just wasn't good enough. Luckily, my dad, who died a month later, was able to attend the ceremony and enjoy the party that my husband threw me. I will never forget this day. 

Key2BI Key2BI

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BBA in Finance

jamiecaaiesha90 jamiecaaiesha90

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After a rough start, after 5 years of hard work I was able to gradate from the University of Louisville with two degrees in sociology and psychology and a minor in women and gender studies! 

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